William J.

William J.

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Sounds of William J. are if you took Linkin Park re-mixed them with DMX and Eminem and multiplied all of their enthusiasm by 100


The influences range from most influential which is probably Dr. Dre and Lynard Skynard to the new influences which are Incubus and Eminem. All of them show content of what they feel in their heart and stand for what they believe in. That is what sets William J. apart is no comprimising on the tongue and cheek lyrics and banging music which can satisfy a Metallica fan at the same time as a fan of 50 cent and Nate Dogg. Melodies and harmonies along with true heartfelt lyrics makes William J. a cut above the rest.


My Life, Water Grave, Father, No More, Look At Me. None on radio at present time.

Set List

My Life, Water Grave, Father, Wonder, Overtake Me, Cant See You, Why, Fool In Love, I live For You, With Me
Generally there are 6-10 songs in a normal 30-60 minute set.