William Loveland

William Loveland

 Durham, North Carolina, USA

My music (and lyrics) is varied but generally the styles that existed before the 1960s. (Sorry about that.) Currently, this includes a '50s pop song and a Celtic instrumental piece.


Early on I was captivated by Broadway music and the pop songs of the 50s (and earlier). After a career as
a mathematician-type I have returned to my first
dreams, to write music of the type I fell in love with.
Maybe I will learn to write in the more current style
but I'm not there yet. I know that some enjoy the
songs I have written and I hope others will as well.


Let's Talk

Written By: William Loveland

Let's talk
About my love for you,
To see if you could love me too.
Let's talk
About a way to build a dream, a life,
a love.

Let's walk
As I would like to do,
Each day I share my life with you.
Let's walk
And share the stars above.

Maybe you feel in your heart
A gentle stirring --- well, that's a start,
A feeling that could grow each day,
Until a time when you would say ---

Let's talk
About the love we share,
About the way we now can dare
To dream
About a life together,
A dream, a life, a love beyond compare.

Let's dream
Life's now an open door.
We have a lifetime to explore
Our dream
To grow our love forever,
Our dream, our life, our love forever
more, and more, and more,
Our love forever more.

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