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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Plain and Simple"

"It is the sort of American music that people rarely make or listen to anymore; instead favoring the manufactured falseness of pop’s princes and princesses. However, there is nothing false in Williams’ songs."
- j.b, -Jukebox live - Juke Box Live

"Williamsboy offers musical simplicity"

In not only a music world, but a real world full of hang-ups and exaggerated woes, it is never short of refreshing when a voice comes along who can say the 30 words you were thinking in only five.
- Matilda Swartz. of the Vilanovan

"Matt Williams pka-Williamsboy"

"Matt's rythm is engaging and his lyrics come from an honest start, brought to life through the perspective of a man caught in the middle of looking back down a well worn path while at the same time almost vicariously carrying with him lessons for his future."

-Spencer Richardson ·CEO | Co-Founder, FanBridge

- Spencer Richardson


Debut Album : Analog. Released on Working Dog Records 6/25/2011



I was born in Maine and lived there for a while, my dad was stationed in the Navy. My dad split, and mom moved us to the low rent back bays of the southern New Jersey shore. I didn't have much growing up. My mom, being a single parent, raised three kids the best she could.
The name the WILLIAMSBOY is a direct reflection of a family on the move, and the stigma of being on welfare. Whenever something was wrong, missing, or troubled in the neighborhood, I always heard, "must be that Williamsboy." It stuck, first as kind of an epithet, but now, it’s a more of a badge of honor.

I first touched a guitar when I was 6, I recall. It was in a closet at my grand mom’s house. I had my fun with it for about a month or two. No one in the house knew how to play the thing so I had to figure it out on my own. Like most everything else. So, I would listen to the radio, along with my older brother’s garage band through the woodwork and try to find the notes that were playing. Eventually I was playing along to the country radio stations. I had no idea what the hell I was playing, I just went by ear and if it sounded right, that was all right for me. And it still is.

So I suppose that tells you where I came from, but not so much where I am. To borrow from the great Steve Earle, I’m pretty much of a “hard core troubadour,” in the tradition of Woody, Bruce, and The Band. But just like most writers I admire, I believe “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” So you might hear echoes of Wilco, Beck, or even something with no label at all.