William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror


William the Conqueror ~ noun: A Toronto-based indie-rock buzz band that borrows from more styles and influences than you can shake a stick at. (williamtheconqueror.ca)


The indie folk-rock six-piece formed in the summer of 2007, creating what is known today as William the Conqueror. Bonded by a mutual love of music, pianist Scott Christian, singer Ryan Comerford and guitarist Colin Brisbois conceived the band in a musical orgy in Ryan’s basement. In the following fateful conversation on the front porch, the newfound band made a mandate to focus on making good music, unrestricted to genre.

Having met each other at the University of Toronto faculty of music, more talent was pulled from the pool of disenchanted music school kids and added to the roster. The most notable finds were violinist Kiki Dube, bassist Tim Smith and drummer Aaron Spink.

The band’s very first show was at the legendary Lee’s Palace, one of Toronto’s more famous, albeit slightly tumbledown, rock venues. Confident about the chemistry and sound of the band, William the Conqueror began to focus on establishing itself as the next big thing.

The band released its inaugural recording, a self-titled Acoustic EP, to a full house at the Hard Rock Cafe in October. Over the next six months, William the Conqueror played gigs all over the city of Toronto, including the Opera House, the Rivoli and the Horseshoe Tavern.

The band spent two months at the end of a blustery Canadian winter in Q Studios with producer and engineer Robert Sibony recording its first full-length album, The Science of Who You Are. The band is planning the album’s release for June 2008, paving the way for the next phase of William the Conqueror.


Enjoy the Show

Written By: Ryan Comerford

I’m the soldier
Time’s destroyer
What will she desire?
If her will; I conquer
So I will seek the guidance
Of her endless silence
Shinning bright, my sister
In the dark she whispers:
“So sweetly you’ll float along, so the west wind blows
I hope you find your song and enjoy the show”

So sweet she sleeps
But your secret’s safe with me
On the moon, removed, I stand
And call to far and distant lands
And I sing my soul
And I’ll watch her go
And I’ll miss her so
But I’ll watch her go
And so sweetly you’ll float along
So the west wind blows
I hope you find your song and enjoy the show

Hide the winter
Time will miss her
Keep this safe, my sister
Secretly you’ll conquer
All the giants
You will show them science
You will tyrants, passion and defiance
And so sweetly you’ll float along
So the west wind blows
I hope you find your song and enjoy the show


Written By: Ryan Comerford

Your eyes are vacant, or am I mistaken?
Your son’s been shaded. Your white flag is blatant.
Will it make a sound? When you hit the ground?
Your life’s a tailspin

Your life is empty, so I’ll keep on searching
All through the star sea, it can’t be filled with nothing
All the life I once found in you arms is now gone
But with your help we’ll turn things

Turn your life around
Can’t you see?
The world looks different now


Written By: Ryan Comerford

“Is this ‘ere old stone gettin’ heavy?”
“Step back man, when ya gonna learn to say…"
"Quick right! Where ya think your headed?!”
“To the oak tree underneath the heavens.”
“That’s great…I don’t think I’m ready"
"Let me off, you’re going the wrong way."
"And one day you will learn to see, just where it leads”

Get the friction on; move it in move it out
Let the ecstasy tell you what its all about
Hold on, everything’s about to change
Life’s a mess second-guess everyone these days
Hold on, I don’t think I’m ready
Runaway, the world's a sad place
And one day, you will learn to see, just what it means

Think twice before you
Blow your mind, losing time on the radio
Blow your luck getting fucked on the radio

“Whatcha gonna do now?”

Outside My Window

Written By: Ryan Comerford

Outside my window: war scented wind blows,
False shades of change and stagnant remains grow
Dark winding roads lead us home
But I will never know
I’m stuck in this house; I wish that I could leave somehow
If only I could dare to go outside my window

Outside my window pale skies and stars grow
Look past their shinning show where black holes and space flow
Where broken, beaten paths meet at last
Where I’m afraid of change
Even if fate should storm your door
Believe the voice you can’t ignore
If only I could dare to go outside my window

I’m stuck in the clouds
I can’t rain down
Afraid to fall


William the Conqueror - The Science of Who You Are (2008)

Acoustic EP - Summer 2007.
*Features a stripped down, unplugged rendition of some of WTC's best songs. Dripping with energy and attitude, despite the organic aesthetic.

Set List


Enjoy the Show
Green Lights
Outside My Window
I'm Comin' Home
No More Blues
Wait and See
Thieves and Lullabies
Wish You Goodbye
Science of Who You Are
Black Tuesday
Margaret James
Gold & Greed

Heroes - David Bowie
Girl - The Beatles
Hysteria - Muse
Baba O'Reily - The Who