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Once you listen to WW&Co. you’ll want to see them live.  There is such an energy present in the band’s music that it oozes from the tangible CD and creates an atmosphere of being in concert.  That’s just one of the great things about this band, the songs are well written and contain just that right “something” that makes you want to listen again and again. - Unsigned Music Magazine

"WW&Co. Drums on the Steering Wheel Music"

The brand of music that transcends "good" and earns the title of "original" (in a flattering context), is usually music that is a suitable mix of genres. Aiming for this blend is quite a feat, and falling short is not uncommon. However, when a band hits their mark, the experience is that much more enjoyable. William Walter & Co. attempts this task and eases their way into the driver's seat of a fine jazz, rock, and bluegrass combination; and they take us with them.
The Story so Far begins with the quintessential first track, a position that can make or break a listener's interest. The hooker, "Concertina", makes it. With a catchy, but not sugary tune, and resonating lyrics ("I was busy paving this road to hell / with the sound, the feel / the touch, the smell"), the opener proves to get stuck in your head. This will probably improve your day in more ways than one. Walter succeeds in drawing the listener along with an impressive mix of guitars and bass, showcasing his ranging, yet consistent vocals throughout The Story so Far.
The true test for any kind of band has got to be the execution of the love song. Failing at this has the authority to blacklist you for a long time, or at least until females of the music loving persuasion forgive you. Walter's "Happy Times" is hopeful and affectionate, impressively using the phrase "adjust your halo" in a practical, not tacky, way. Following with the equally adoring Without My Clothes, Walter knows they have passed the love song test, and can boldly sing, "The element of chance has a risk that every lover knows / but I'm standing outside / I'll be freezing here without my clothes," without negatively shocking their audience.
Coming out of two sentimental pieces, William Walter puts the edge back in his voice and tackles "We All Want", a song showing his quick vocal diversity. If the last two songs mellowed you out, this one will pick you up and dance you around the room. Paired with "Border Crosser" and "Broken Windows" The Story so Far has already hooked fans of the Black Crowes and, dare I say, Dave Matthews. If you respond more to the sweet and slow side of music, "When I Leave for California", "Mischa", "Alright" and the aforementioned "Happy Times" will promisingly draw you into constant repeat mode. "When I Leave for California" shows the band's taste for simplicity in its soothing and genuine mix of serenading guitar and sad lyric.
The only negatives of The Story so Far would be slight, if any at all. A few of Walter's songs promote no real outstanding feature, lagging behind the rest of an outstanding album. Neither "Alright" nor "Consider the Price" prove to be terribly interesting, despite their well-written lyrics, and end without the hook the rest of the songs promise. Pairing a whispering voice and a quiet guitar "Hey" is a little bit too long to be constantly and completely so soft, and the length, not content, may be one of the only other reduced points to this album.
The Story so Far ends as suitably as it begins, with the religiously themed and thought-provoking "Bottom Root" and the instrumental "Angel Dust". "Bottom Root" is not as musically unique, but this fact draws appropriate attention to the songs lyrics. The short and to the point "Angel Dust", at the very end of the album, finishes it off fittingly, letting the listener know what the band is all about. Their music.
The music introduced by William Walter & Co. is so first-rate you may, at first, glaze over the lyrics, a trick some bands use to hide their lack of a literary edge. However, Walter William plays both games rather well, serving both musical and lyrical pay-offs. Dispatch, Sister Hazel, Blues Traveler, and the occasional John Mellencamp fans should pick up The Story so Far immediately, because you've been missing out. Bottom line: William Walter & Co. merges everything-will-probably-be-alright music, with no-maybe-it-won't lyrics. Wholesome, drums-on-the-steering-wheel-music. Thank God. - RockNWorld http://www.rocknworld.com/features/06/WilliamWalter.shtml


Check out the trio project of local tunesmith and regional touring musician William Walter. Walter mixes infectious lyrics with stripped-sting forays into blues-based rock that often has jazzy undertones. - The Daily Progress

"William Walter Acoustic Trio"

First things first: Walter can sing, amazingly well. Resembling a Lindey Buckingham (from Fleetwood Mac) or possibly a Jeff Buckley (from Mrs. Buckley) without the flamboyance, Walter's high soulful voice would be a singular surprise to anyone who had no contact with the artist previously (my notes say "voice like a choir of angels," if that's any help with the description. The group's sound was more than impressive - tight without being stodgy, the songs were replete with mandolin flourishes, great medodies and the sense of a goup of friends playing for the sake of playing and have a great time doining. - Hook

"William Walter & Tucker Rogers at Orbit"

There is something twangy, soulful, rocky and trippy about the music those two make on acoustic guitars. Regardless of how much I tend to turn my nose up at singer-songwriter types, I can't help but be moved by more than a few of their songs.

William Walter's writing is raw and pure. Each song tells a complete story. Tucker Rogers has a gift; he can take any song, no matter how rugged and make it peaceful. As the trio crooned about love and life for the comfortable audience, I could see how each one ahd formed a connection with his instrument. The music being created that night was deep and honest. - Hook


The Story So Far - Concertina, Border Crosser, Consider the Price, Happy Times, Without My Clothes, We All Want, When I leave for California, Mischa, Broken Windows, Alright, Hey, Bottom Root, Angel Dust
Rough Around the Edges - LIVE Acoustic CD



William Walter performs solo, with an Acoustic Trio, and in a band simply called William Walter & Co.
The full band is an amalgamation of Central Virginia’s most talented musicians.
Drummer, John Gilmore and Bassist, Stuart Holme are world class musicians who travel the globe regularly doing both studio and live work.
The legendary Tucker Rogers on lead guitar is a tonal master with tasteful chops that blend in and out of any musical tapestry with style and personality.
Keyboard player, Adam Silvers lays down the rhythms ala Hammond B-3 style breaking it up with solos that culminate in zenith crescendos. Jesse has been doing live sound for four years
Self taught, Jesse has continually relied upon input from others in the field, learning from various local Charlottesville sound engineers.