William Walter & Co.

William Walter & Co.

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Alternative rock n roll mixed with improvised solos in a jam style. Elements of blues, jazz, and traditional rock are blended with thoughtful lyrical melodies and catchy hooks. These songs act as foundations for the ascension to the next level in the live arena.


Whether performing solo or enjoying the chemistry of his band, William Walter’s music is an experience to be shared. One to shake you off your barstool. Might even get you on stage boogieing right next to the man. Vocally, he draws comparisons to Dave Matthews, John Mayer or Sting. His lyrics tender like a bouquet of flowers. Musically, his "Company" can turn on a dime, delivering adrenalized folk and funky mountain jams turning first comers into converts time and time again. It’s a roots-rock revival, raucous stuff like Widespread or the Allmans anchored in bold improvisation. Take a second to listen and you’ll soon understand why Willie was voted CVille Weekly’s ”Best Singer/Songwriter” and how his full band WW&Co won the “Best Musical Group” category for 2010.


5 Live EP (2009)
Late Night Solitaire LP (2008)
Rough Around The Edges (2007)
The Story So Far (2006)