Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues Band
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Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues Band

Tybee Island, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Tybee Island, Georgia, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Blues Southern Rock




"Music Profile- Blues Night"

Sunday night is typically a time to recover and relax for most of us
here on the island, but if you like to get out of the house and enjoy
some good live music, then you need to head to The Sand Bar to get
your fill. I stopped in to ask my bartender friend, Joe T, if I could write
an article on the new and upcoming night to gather for the week, and
he was excited to hear we would be covering his newest night to have
a good time.
I myself play multiple genres and styles of music, but the Blues has
always been one of my favorite genres to play and study. So, needless
to say, I was excited as well. Blues music takes its listeners through
all the emotions in life, (not just all the sad stuff people think makes
up this genre), and gives them hope for the trying times that follow
ahead of them. It speaks to the soul and tells the stories of those who
have lived life to the fullest.
At The Sand Bar it is happening, and whether you know it or not,
songs are being written live at the bar every night these guys play.
The improvisation level is always on high and the energy level is right
there to match. With such a diverse group, how could you go wrong?
First off you have the dynamic duo Willie and Dillon on vocals
and guitar, and believe me, these two know their stuff. Willie keeps it
fresh and new by adding his own lyrics on top of his amazing voice,
reaching in and grabbing you by the soul. Dillon kills it on the guitar.
I mean, I thought I knew a lot about blues guitar, but this kid took me
around the block. While I played drums a time or two, Holland on the
skins is solid. Trust me, keeping the beat with these guys is no easy task, great job Mr. Zellers. And, last but not least, Henny Da Butcha
on bass? Oh yes, he plays bass as well. Walking the bass is one of
my favorite things to listen to and he is becoming more and more
talented with his skills the more I hear him play.
It’s great to hear songs you don’t typically hear when out on the
town and when I hear people playing Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King,
and Muddy Waters I usually make it a point to poke my head in the
door to listen. When I found out they were doing a Blues Night I had
to poke my head in Sand Bar’s door. The best part is they incorporate
the audience and get help from them to play all the greats to keep the ones we have lost alive, like Stevie Ray, B.B., and Mr. Waters.
Thanks guys, you are helping keep this musical genre alive and
thriving, keep up the good work! You never know, you might even see me sing a song or two, maybe one about a pup named Romeo. - Tybee Beachcomber


Still working on that hot first release.



Willie Jackson is a native son of Savannah, GA; the youngest of the 6 children born to the late, great Reverend Jackson and, his wife, Annie Pearl. Willie has always been a songwriter in his free time while working to support his family. After an accident ended his career working on the railroad, he was able to pursue his music full time. Willie has a passion for writing blues songs, playing bass and singing with various configurations of his Tybee Blues Band at venues across the Coastal Empire.

Willie’s original music is in the South Georgia tradition of soul stirring blues with clever lyrics. His debut EP, just released March 2017, features original songs that carry the heart of traditional blues into musings on contemporary everyday life. Willie enjoys performing live every bit as much as the audiences enjoy his jocular mcing between songs and his on-the-spot improvisational song writing. He has a knack for ensuring people have a good time and creating an intimate, familiar feeling amidst a venue of strangers.

The Tybee Blues Band originally started with musicians mostly residing on Tybee getting together to jam in local bars, playing covers of some of the greats like Muddy Waters, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton along with Willie’s latest original songs. The members change from time to time, but Dillon Young, who found his way to Savannah from Louisiana via Texas, is consistently providing superior lead guitar. We often have Jim Simmons, known as the “Blues Hog” of Tybee Island, playing blues harmonica, Max Christman delivering his drumming expertise, and Rodney Smith, one of the best bass players in the area, completing our rhythm section.

Currently, Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues Band is bringing the blues to a wide variety of venues and events including providing dining entertainment at restaurants, hosting open mic night at bars, playing store openings/ corporate events, private birthday parties and various ticketed theater events. They have also enjoyed helping out the community by playing benefits and fundraisers. Willie is also often working on personalized songs to help people commemorate birthdays and anniversaries and celebrate loved ones.

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