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Self Titled EP " Willie B"



It is the 21st century in Austin, TX. The weather, like usual, is hot and dry. If you go to this beautiful city, one can find shelter from the heat from the shade of the buildings on 6th St. As you proceed around the corner of San Jacinto, one can hear music flowing from the clubs into the streets. You keep walking down towards Trinity, and something from a club down the block grabs your attention. Like a spell you are drawn to the doors where this lovely sound emulates. It’s happy hour. Cold drinks are flowing. A dark black man is standing center stage, strapped only with a guitar, as he preaches his word to an unsuspecting audience, unaware of the beauty and power that this man will soon bestow upon them. Like a window into his life, he sings his songs that he has written from the flood of music in his head.

Building for 40 years from the stages in his colored life, Willie B had an epiphany after realizing his voice needed to be heard. So he set out on his own following the closing of his musical home, the legendary Steamboat on 6th Street. Years later, the city of Austin has been graced with the songs of life that are Willie B. Filling the streets with his songs, he has gradually come to be a popular act in Austin for his original lyrics and soulful songs.

Born in Indianola, Mississippi, Willie Ledexter Brazan III could only help but be influenced by his gospel upbringing. His father was a pastor at the local church where he soon became interested in music both playing piano and singing. He soon discovered the passion for the guitar as well as several other instruments. This led him to a musical journey of writing songs for the sake of therapeutic salvation.

Not content with the cards he had been dealt in his younger life, he left home to a long and winding road in search of a place called ‘home’. This road took him through California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, and finally Texas, at an early age to begin what would be an adventurous life. Since he began performing, his life has changed and he sees no going back. Continuously in search of pursuing musical greatness like the musical influences that are as varied as his life; B.B. King (also from Indianola, Mississippi), Muddy Waters, Isley Brothers, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, to name a few, Willie B’s original songs transcend a modern version of the world today through a complicated, yet simple and focused man. His music is a melting pot of blues, folk, R&B, and rock with a sprinkle of gospel. His lyrics are un-bridled, brave and brash, never turning their back on reality….If only, the world could be so honest…