Willie Breeding
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Willie Breeding

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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"In the "Grey Skies" EP, Breeding achieves an emotionally cutting vibe whose acoustic openness and Country lamenting essence gives it purpose"-amplifier.ky.net

- amplifier.ky.net

"Jezebel Music"

"Willie Breeding hurts to listen to (in a good way, of course). The hooks of this Kentucky native’s songs cut immediately and don’t let up until the last note. Willie’s remarkably good sorrow-laden voice is bait, and we are hungry fish."- Jezebel Music - Jezebel


In the world of alt. country songwriters, Willie Breeding is as genuine an article as they come. Cheap Vodka Rain is a collection of eleven songs with enough twang to produce a few tears in a few people’s beers yet Breeding and his band never skimp on the rock and roll. Breeding’s outstanding songcraft is on display from start to finish, with nary a weak cut in the bunch.

Cheap Vodka Rain kicks off with “White Dress”; drenched in shimmering steel guitar and stacked harmonies, the song gets its form from a well-constructed chord progression and its spirit from a great melody, the first of many. Arguably, the album’s most tuneful moments come in the ballad “With Your Costume On”, on which Breeding’s confident yet world-weary voice paints a vivid picture of longing and heartache. Other stellar cuts include the first-rate ballad “Bruises” which could make a home both on country radio and an indie kid’s iPod. The track features some great guitar outros from producer/Marah leader Dave Bielanko whose presence is felt but never overshadows Breeding’s considerable talent.

Also worth mentioning are the Beatles-gone-country shuffle of “Grey Skies” and the organ-laced “Cold When We Met”. While these tracks distinguish themselves a bit from the pack, the album is a consistent triumph for Breeding and an eye-opener for the rest of us. - popmatters.com


"if you want to hear an album with outstanding songwriting and beautiful songs, you would have a hard time finding a better album this year." - playbackstl.com


Breeding has imbued his songs with pop sensibility and a gaggle of musicians who accentuate the subtle melodies in his tunes with zealous flair. Just wait till the weather gets warm and you can sit in the back of your truck with some banquet beer and enjoy this contemporary country gem. - leoweekly.com


"I can almost feel Townes sitting across the room on the couch because Willie has a voice and presentation that is honest, and tells stories that sound like they are directly told from his heart. “She’s the heartache that I endure, but all I hear is her voice. And every moment’s too long.” Exactly the type of guy you feel good going out to get a spare six-pack to share with. He can tell a story that fills your mind with pictures of dreams that just won’t let go." - eartaste.blogspot.com


AUGUSTA, GA - The country-folky sound of Brooklyn’s Willie Breeding harkens back to the golden days of musicians like Willie Nelson. But, Breeding’s sound on "Cheap Vodka Rain" infuses that classic style with new life.

"Cheap Vodka Rain" takes the problems of daily life and puts them to music in such a way that the country and folk greats of the past would undoubtedly tip their hats to. Still, even with this strong influence, Willie Breeding shakes up the formula with some blues and some rock. His lyrics speak to the emotions of everybody while Breeding’s music is talented, creative and complex.

The title track off the album is an upbeat, fun song with that truck drivin’ feel of older outlaw country, while songs like “White Dress” are a nod to the songwriting of Willie Nelson.

For those who might think Willie Breeding is just an imitator of traditional country music, they are mistaken. Using the roots of great country and folk music but breathing his own life into those songs, Willie Breeding creates the fresh sound of back to basics country but for a whole new audience of fans. - metrospirit.com


"The arrangements are sumptuous and beautifully thought out - with haunting pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle and even the occasional Spanish horn melding with piano, a taut rhythm section and acoustic & electric guitars "- concertlivewire.com

- concertlivewire.com


"The musicianship found on this release though is top notch, and Breeding’s vocals have a haunting feel to them that works well with the subject matter they’re dealing with."- cwsplace.wordpress.com - cwsplace.wordpress.com


Grey Skies EP (2006)
Cheap Vodka Rain (2009)



Born and raised in Richmond Kentucky, with a stint in Nashville, TN, Willie moved to Brooklyn, NYC in 2005. Since moving to Brooklyn, he has released an EP, played all over New York City and toured both solo and opening up for Brooklyn rock band, Marah.

Produced by Dave Bielanko (of Marah), "Cheap Vodka Rain" was recorded live over a two day session in Brooklyn with New York musicians Christine Smith (Marah, Jesse Malin) Dave Peterson (Marah, Adam and Daves Bloodline) George Souleidis, Eric Vitale (The Shalitas), and Thomas Bryan Eaton with harmonies by Willies sister, Erin. The sessions were then mixed by Duane Lundy in Lexington Kentucky.