Willie Carmichael

Willie Carmichael

 Bend, Oregon, USA

-Life and death and the whole Mary Anne in 4 minutes or less
-Love songs for those who prefer a very firm mattress
-Sometimes you just need to be smacked upside the heart


Songs that’ll make you laugh and cry and call up people you used to know to chew their ass or beg forgiveness.

Winner: 2010 Sisters Folk Festival's Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest 2010

Finalist: 2007 Sisters Folk Festival's Dave Carter memorial Songwriting Contest

Honorable Mention: 2007 Woody Guthrie Song Contest, 2007

Nominee: 2002 Just Plain Folks Best Lyric Contest


2006: Willie Carmichael & The Jack-Booted Thugs: Whistling Past the Graveyard.

Willie Carmichael: Serious Business
More from Oregon's grown-up boy genius songwriter. This time the Thugs are on the side.

Set List

Can provide 2 hours of original music