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Willie DE

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Blues Folk


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"The Wave:High Road, Hard Road"

Charlottesville, Virginia has another up and coming superstar, and his name is Willie DE. When I relocated to C-Ville in the early 2000s, there was always this little shaggy haired kid with a small portable amp and red Gibson that would plug in at the east end of the downtown mall and simply shred. People would gawk, and I would frequently wonder where this guy would eventually end up, especially in a town that has such tremendous musical talent seeping out of every pore.

The answer just got much clearer with The Wave’s new album, High Road, Hard Road. Fronted by Willie DE and consisting of only bass (Simon Evans) and drums (Avery Sandridge), The Wave is a straight up rock and roll trio. But here’s the kicker: These folks are only in high school.

Songs on this album are deep, especially from human beings as young as these guys. Album opener “My Robot” kicks off with lyrics about independence accompanied by a catchy chorus that’s perfectly interspersed with pulverizing solos by Willie. This is music written by an eleventh grader who has already shared the stage with Luther Dickinson (of the North Mississippi Allstars) not once, but twice.

The Wave have an uncanny knack for accentuating each other at just the right moments on this album. Each band member exhibits meticulous attention to detail when stepping back to let others shine. The Wave is not just a rhythm section whose primary goal is propelling its frontman to Guitar Hero glory; it is a cohesive unit, with each member continually aware of his or her role. The whole experience is extremely fulfilling.

The Wave will be playing at Floydfest this summer, and High Road Hard Road is currently available from iTunes Music Store. - honesttune.com

"Review of New Cd:High road Hard road"

Young local rock trio The Wave celebrates the release of their new album, High Road Hard Road; it’s been a full three years since their greenhorn debut Dreamers, and that’s an eternity in teenage years. Guitarist and primary songwriter Willie Denton-Edmundson says this time around he tried to channel Tom Petty in the compositions — before ripping nasty solos all over the place, at least. “My lyrics were a little bit stronger on the new one,” he says. There’s a bit of old-soul aesthetic at work, too; the solos are bluesier this time, and they also tried to stay away from newfangled studio cheats like punch-ins and overdubs which have become par for the course with so many other musicians. “I wanted to make it old fashioned and do it all the way through, because it just seemed more natural to us,” he adds. - The Hook

"Forty-five songs that every Charlottesville music fan should know"

The Wave’s song “Burned me down again,” is included in C-ville Weekly’s list of 45 songs every local music fan should know. To check it out click on the link below:


- C-ville Weekly

"Big Picture"

Luther Dickinson, from the North Mississippi All-Stars jams with local guitar hero Willie DE at the Charlottesville Pavillion during the John Hiatt show, Monday July 10, 2006

- C-ville Weekly

"Music Review- Teeny bop: The Wave comes on strong"

So far, when someone brings up teenage bands in Charlottesville, the name Sparky's Flaw is usually mentioned first. Rightly so. The band has dominated teen competitions for the last few years and gone on to record a polished record at Crystalphonic. Last I heard they were going to open for Blues Traveler or some other obsolete-but-once-popular band. Maybe it was something to do with management... I don't know. But hey, that's a big step for a band fresh out of high school (if that).

Sparky's Flaw is a great group, no doubt. I wish them the best. But if they're the only teen band you know, then let me drop this blip on your radar. The Wave is a modern classic rock trio slowly getting their due recognition. The group recently won the ACAC battle of the bands and took the money to put finishing touches on a debut album, Dreamers.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Dreamers CD release show at The Gravity Lounge Friday, November 4. The Gravity Lounge has supported young local acts by opening their stage at "family friendly" hours. On this particular evening, fans at the 5:30pm show consisted of parents and friends who have supported the hard work and dedication The Wave has shown as they've developed.

The band played a well-executed set that lasted an hour and some change. Included were covers of a few classic rock staples (Hendrix, Stones, Neil Young). But truth be told, I was more impressed by the originals. A few times I was downright shocked at the songwriting maturity. The original tunes were exciting and full of mood and rhythmic changes. It was hard to believe that these three youngsters wrote the tunes themselves.

Then again, maybe it isn't so hard to believe judging by their skill level on their respective instruments. I was most impressed by bassist Marsh Mahon. I know some adult groups that could use a bass player like him. This kid is as solid as they come. As a matter of fact, he's so solid that the one time, I repeat, one time I saw his fingers flub a note he turned bright red. It was quite humorous-- only because I don't think casual listeners even noticed.

That illustrates the band's attitude in general: They want the best for themselves and won't settle for less. They're serious about their music because they care about how it sounds and they want the best for fans who come to listen. Beyond all else, that's the winning attitude. Judging by the crowd response after their performance and smiles on the faces of those in attendance, I think The Wave can keep on winning if they put their mind to it.

Published November 10, 2005 in issue 0445 of the Hook

- The Hook


Still working on that hot first release.



Willie DE is a nationally touring young artist who was born, raised and resides in Central Virginia. Growing up on Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, he busked on Charlottesville’s downtown mall and outside football games in Charlottesville performing original material and most anything the crowd asked for. At the age of 13 he formed a band called The Wave. The young band’s success landed them at major festivals like Floydfest where the group took the Main Stage in 2011. The Wave recorded two full albums and one EP worth of Willie’s original rock songs.

At the age of eighteen, Willie began to explore alternative ways to perform his original material (and covers). Current incarnations include:
-Solo singer-songwriter
- Duos with a variety of instruments: flute, violin, french horn, etc.
- Four piece rock/blues/funk band (Willie DE Band)
- Versatile guitarist for hire.

Willie has performed as a solo artist all through Central and Northern Virginia, in Manhattan, Western Virginia, Brooklyn, and throughout the Southeast as far as Austin, Texas. He’s shared the stage with the North Mississippi All-stars and has opened for a diverse group of top-flight musicians including David Olney & Sergio Webb, Ivan & Alyosha, Alash Ensemble, and The Hackensaw Boys.

His first solo album, Egg Cracked, The Bird Went Wild, is full of songs of rebirth and regeneration. It is produced by blues legend in the making, Eli Cook, and features a full cast of standouts: Devon Sproule, Eli Cook, Carl Anderson, Justin Esposito and many more.