Willie Herath

Willie Herath


It's a perfect mix between Jack Johnson and Weezer. The beachy acoustic vide of Jack blended with the garage band feel of Weezer. I call it "Nod Your Head Beach Rock"!


Willie Herath (pronounced like Harris with a lisp) is an Illinois native; born and raised in Milan. He is a 1996 grad of Sherrard High School, and currently lives in Los Angeles. As a child, his parents wouldn't allow him to listen to the radio or purchase music of his own. Then one day Willie found a box of his father's old Beach Boys records which filled an enormous musical void. This was when he started playing the guitar along with the piano lessons his parents had him taking. Around the age of fourteen, Willie realized the guitar was going to be his instrument of choice. So, he told his mother that the piano lessons had to stop and started writing songs on the guitar. He soon got his first real job at Menards (hardware store) & would always find time to drop by the record store on the way home.
In the beginning stages of his songwriting, he emulated comical musicians like Adam Sandler and The Presidents of the United States. Then in the early 90's he discovered The Beatles and began to do covers and to write closer to their style. Not long after, the Smashing Pumpkins album "Siamese Dream" was released and Willie found that to be the music to change everything for him. Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Beck and many more became the staple of Willie's musical diet. Weezer’s “Blue Album” came available around the same time and Willie instantly connected to their style. When asked which album has influenced his life the most, he says “The Blue Album definitely has the most miles on it, if you know what I mean.”. Shortly after Willie arrived in Los Angeles, he discovered Jack Johnson’s “Brushfire Fairytales”. Jack’s laid back beach vibe resonated with Willie. Many of Willie’s fans say that his writing reflects a mix of Jack Johnson & Weezer. He also incorporates his love for melodic ballads by adding a little Muse, U2, & Coldplay flavor to the mix. Willie has developed his very own style of organic, heartfelt “Nod Your Head Beach Rock” that really shows off his personality.


Cohgie Never Landed (2006)
What'd You Say? EP (2005)

Set List

We typically play the twelve songs on the CD plus 3 to 4 new songs. 45 to 75 min depending on available time.