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Carolina Blue

Written By: Willie Houston

Carolina Blue

When I find a place to lay my head
Them wheels start to wind
I get a one track mind

I take that train all the way
Until my eyes they open
Cause I know where it’s goin

CH. It’s goin down where the skies are never grey
Where my memories are as clear as a sunny day
Where I’m back in the pines, casting my line,
South River bank Carolina blue
Oh Caroline, Carolina blue

My Grandad was a workin man
Right to the day he was gone
Working them sawmill logs

He’d stop by on his way home
I’d wave to momma out the door
As he hit that horn

CH. And we’d go down to where the skies…… “ “

Life gets hard as it rolls on
Workin my fingers to the bone
And it can leave you lonesome

In this beat down wreck of mine
With my thoughts I pull off to the side
And leave these blues behind

CH. Oh and I go down where the skies….. “ “

End: Ya back in the pines, casting my line
South River bank Carolina blue