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The best kept secret in music


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As an Street Director, I've shot and edited videos for artists such as Total Kaos, M Beezy, and Young Dozzy.

I've also hosted, edited and promoted the successful show "Flat Broke Television" which air to over 30,000 viewers in Tallahassee FL.

Currently my single "Got It Like Me" is being played on the radio station 89.1 in Ft. Lauderdale Fl and you check out my ad or interviews in The Ozone Magazine, Teamsters Magazine and in the current issue of What's The Juice Mag.



Feeling a bit camera shy


Willie Hustle, known also as the "20 Hole Trap Star" is anything but trapped. He's a free flowing star that's determined to outshine even the moon in due time. Quickly adapting to the rules and regulations of the music industry Willie Hustle realized the importance of everyday hustling. In areas where some lack the knowledge of hustling, he respects, preaches, and practices it. It's not often that
a star comes along and Hip Hop respects their hustle or even them, but Willie Hustles's business determination to his thug motivation is why everyone from Artists to Top Notch Tastemakers respects Willie Hustle's grind and so should you.

Born in Fort Lauderdale Fl, Willie Hustle later graduated from Deerfield High School and attended the Tallahassee Community College for Video Production. His talent to maneuver the camera lens marked the start of something big. Willie Hustle instantly began getting recognized for his craft and created a huge street buzz with his hit show Flat Broke Television. Though Willie Hustle was funny and upbeat, he did a lot more than hosted the show. The 20 Hole Trap Star hosted, edited and promoted the show which lead him to filming his first movie titled; "Chain Reaction". The movie was a hit, it featured Rick Ross, was marketed underground and later received distribution.

Now to some that would be the ultimate success story but not for Willie Hustle. He had bigger plans which was starting his own record label. As he helped numerous artists create their buzz, he could see why some of them weren't so successful. This troubled him deeply, so he began to cook up his own recipe for fame. Knowing what he felt deep inside he opened a record label and his lil sister Tammy Hustle would be his first artist but her fate was to focus on being a good mother. Although Willie Hustle respected her choices he started to feel unenthused about finding an artist that could be just as dedicated as himself. So believing in his recipe to fame he became the prodigy of M. Beezy, a local entrepreneur and artist that was successful with his marketing strategies. Although M Beezy made it look easy Willie Hustle saw first hand the hard task of being an artist and supporting yourself, but he felt like he was ready to step up to the plate, and boy did he hit a home run.

"Anybody can rap" says the 20 Hole Trap Star, Willie Hustle. "I'm an entertainer, I'm flexible and I can go where I want and do anything" he quotes. So while others starve in the music industry Willie Hustle eats his own dish and stays hungry enough to cook up more recipes. As a matter of fact that's why he started his company Best Quality Media. He needed a way to fund his music career so him and his business partner T-Four joined ventures. Almost giving away their quality Cd's at a rate of 1,000 Cd's for $300 the team would at least be able to accumulate funds to push Willie Hustles single "Got It Like Me" featuring Avenue Da Chief. The single will mark Willie Hustle's first time at the title but with a line up of hits on his mixtape "Til Death Do Us Part" his street debut is a sure knock out.

S.Y.L.A. which stands for Support Your Local Artist recognizes independent talent and says that Willie Hustle surely lives up to his name, but more so than that he's more than qualified for fame.
Willie Hustle, he's a Street Director, a Business Entrepreneur, A 20 hole Trap Star and great Artist. With that said don't knock his hustle, respect It!