Willie Kuklis and the Disappointments

Willie Kuklis and the Disappointments


Willie Kuklis and the Disappointments infuse traditional folk structures with the intense and emotional hooks of modern rock to create our unique sound that many describe as truly "Canadian". Recently getting airplay on CBC FM!!!


Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Willie Kuklis and The Disappointments began their collaborative effort in the summer of 2005. The band is a new undertaking that takes the original music of Willie Kuklis and adds drummer Chris Fowlie, keyboardist Matt Adolf and bassist Aaron Burnett.

All former members of the eclectic folk band Cultured Cowboy, they decided to take their music in an entirely different direction, and form the now infamous Willie Kuklis and the Disappointments.

With a wide variety of influences and inspirations as well as varied musical backgrounds, the band takes pleasure in combining different forms and song structures.

They have been described as a funky Coldplay / folky U2(weird we know!!).... and have influences such as the late great James Brown, Ani Difranco, David Gray, Portishead...


The Hand That Pays-2007
There are tracks playing on www.williekuklis.com and www.myspace.com/wearethedisappointments

Set List

1. Intro
2. You Cut Me Down
3. I Want My Way
4. Sweet Slumber
5. Where's the Outrage
6. I Wait
7. Dear World
8. Sail Away
9. She Ran away From You
10. Fall To Pieces

1. Intro
2. Life Without Rage
3. Sweet Rain
4. There's a Page Missing
5. Another Man Down
6. It's Too Much
7. Hole in the Ground
8. Leave Your Message After The Tone
9. The Hand That Pays

Each set is approx. 50 mins each