Willie McRae

Willie McRae


Tough, hard-driving battle country played from the cabin of a Kenworth truck travelling through time and space.


Willie is an experimental country artist from South Australia.

He blends old-school country and blues with a variety of rock and metal influences to create what he calls 'Battle Country'.

His musical style nods in the direction of a diverse group of artists including Frankie Laine, Dave Dudley, Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Frank Zappa, Billy Bragg and Tom Waits.

In the tradition of the great story-telling artists of this century, Willie's songs do not adhere stringently to one particular genre or theme.

A Willie McRae live gig includes songs about zombies, truck drivers and ancient battles as well as gentle country ballads and quiet folk introspection.

Drawing on experiences that include time growing up in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and armed only with his guitar and voice, Willie takes the listener on a sometimes fantastical, always intruiging journey.

His previous work includes writing and performing with Aussie hard-rock underground sensations 'High Stakes' and composing vocal and instrumental pieces for use in theatre, most recently 'The Murder of Jake Catlin' at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.


The way it goes

Written By: Willie McRae

There is trouble in the night

Pack your bags and don't look back

Tomorrow you'll be marching or you'll be dead on your back

Call your legs a horse

And call your muscles steel

Call your hands weapons and forget the pain you feel

Thats the way it goes
I'm sorry but that's just the way it goes

Don't look behind you

There is nothing there

Forget all you thought you once knew, and breath the chill noght air

Fell the echos of the memories that have now been put to sleep

There is a hum as morning breaks

And the wind is at your feet

There are no tears left to cry

No more words to speak

Yes all that's left behind is gone, now the road will be your home

Thats the way it goes
And you don't believe me, but that's just the way it goes

Thats the way it goes
I'm sorry but that's just the way it goes


Gumeracha Frog EP available (digital only) now through MusicGlue, CD Baby and iTunes.

Set List

Originals setlist 1 x 45mins

Songs written and performed by Willie including 'Farmer Zombie', 'Gumeracha Frog', 'Train Of War' and more!

Classic Country setlist 1 x45-

Songs about Trucks Trains and Cowboys including 'Rawhide', 'Riders in the sky', 'Truck driving son of a gun', 'Hey Porter' and more!