Willie Nash

Willie Nash


Young, Energetic, Fresh, Modern Country Band with a classic \ southern rock edge. Our band is the reason you look forward to the weekends.


Willie Nash is a solo artist that grew up with the sounds of the south and a extreme love for music. Willie began singing at a very young age and started writing and recording music after graduation. Willie is currently 29 years old and living in Nashville, Tn. Lead Guitarist Steve Byrnes has been playing guitar and multiple other instruments ever since he was able to walk. Steve is 30 years old and truly could hang his hat next to 90% of the pickers in Nashville, although he would never admit it. Nick Byrnes brother of Steve Byrnes is THE BEST!!! Bass player in Michigan in Willie's opnion. Nick is solid, focused, and if you catch us on a rockin day you just might see him smile. Clint Sabon is the back bone beat machine. Clint is tasteful, well rounded, and is one of the best in the industry. We have fun, we make fans, we love music- That is the Willie Nash Band......


I Can: 2000
I'm Still Runnin: 2003
The Lemonade Stand Sessions: 2010

Set List

Typical Set lists include originals and covers.
Toby Keith, Bob Seger, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Gary Allen, Van Morrison, Lynyard Skynyard, Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Garth Brooks, and much much more.

Set lists range from 45 minutes to 1 hour