Willies Light

Willies Light

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Willies Light is an improvisational rock and roll band from Baltimore, MD.


Willies Light, from the Baltimore-Washington Metro area is known for their energetic and soulful live performances. Based primarily around the song writing of Hall Williams this band does not fall short on its creativity or variety of style.

In 2005, Williams was joined by drummer Matthew Pugh. Together, Williams and Pugh teamed up to create the Baltimore-Washington Metro areas best live original band. Over the next four years they developed their show and sound with a host of players from the area.

In 2010, they were joined by one of Hall’s former band mates and percussionist, Barry Cooper. With the joining of Cooper and Nick Verdis on Bass, the four went into the studio to record their first 5-song EP, Peacemeal.

Released in the beginning of 2011, Peacemeal also featured Hall’s long-time friend and multi-instrumentalist, Jason Crosby. Crosby was the former keyboard player for Robert Randolph and the Family Band, has also graced more than 40 albums, including Susan Tedeschi's Grammy nominated blues album, Wait for Me, and Anastacia's pop hit, Freak of Nature.

In June of 2011, and again with Crosby, the band went back into Lion & Fox Studios to record the second 5-song EP, Whole New Reality. After the completion of Whole New Reality, Willies Light acquired a new bassist, former band mate of Hall’s, arranger, and producer, Lorenzo Sands.

Sands is known most noteably for his work as bassist and co-direcrtor of one of the nation’s top Jazz bands, The Air Force Tops and Blues, and brings to Willies Light a solid musical foundation backed with years of road experience.

Currently, the band is booking 2012 dates and working on new material for their third EP.


Whole New Reality, 2011
Peacemeal, 2011

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