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"Passin' Time with Willie Strings & the Players"

"Music is the universal language. Regardless of where you came from or what you believe, the world would be a terrible place without music," states Willie, vocalist and guitarist of Willie Strings & the Players, a phenomenal band from Gaithersburg, Maryland. The "Players" as they are deemed include bassist Josh, also known as "Doc Love", drummer Chris Murray, and guitarist Bruno who joined the band in late February, just 6 months after the release of their debut album. Bruno, although he had not previously been an official "player," has been jamming with Willie at open mics since April 2002 just shortly after Willie overcame lung surgery which threatened to destroy his ability to sing. From that day, Bruno became a strong supporter of Willie Strings & the Players.

Currently, they are recording their second album, As it Should Be, taking their work to an entirely new level. Nine tracks of completely innovative opus including the title track, "As it Should Be,". The addition of Bruno's talents has helped the band grow and enriched their live performances. Their sound has been refined into a unique style that could only be described as Willie Strings & the Players. In the words of Bruno, "Our music is the composite sum of our influences." This is exemplified in the varied backgrounds and inspirations from which the group is comprised. For instance, Bruno cites his influences as those of the grunge era as well as classic rockers like guitar guru Carlos Santana. Willie contributes his own muses which include grunge combined with the masterful works of Jimi Hendrix and Sublime, artists who have truly stimulated and nurtured Willie's style as a musician. Chris and Josh share a passion for jam bands such as Phish and the Grateful Dead. Chris even notes a Phish show at the Hampton Coliseum, "Hampton Comes Alive" for which he sacrificed his job in order to be one of the first five hundred fans to witness the ultimate event in his musical experience. As he describes it, "I have had much more of a religious experience at a live show than I have ever had in any church." These sundry members found common ground in their zeal for reggae and so Willie Strings & the Players were born. They project a message that clearly states, in the words of Josh, "Music is fun as is life so enjoy both and don't waste a minute." The band's work draws from their eclectic backgrounds to create a soulful and intriguing mix that is powerful in both a lyrical and instrumental sense. .

The band has taken several mini tours throughout the DC metro area and even jammed a night up in New York. They have been known to play five straight nights at different clubs including DC's Nations, The Royal in Baltimore, the Music Box in Arlington, VA , and various spots in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The guys thrive on weeks like this as they are able to experiment musically through improvisation and the experience of working with unique and diverse audiences. Nations is a favorite as it is a much larger venue than where many of their usual gigs are located, the sheer number of people and the eclecticism of the crowd is a rush in itself. On the flip side, in a live sense, the spiritual experience shared between an artist and a crowd in a small venue or in a field beneath the sky is not to be contended with. As Chris puts it, "It's moving and it's enough to shake your soul."

Willie Strings & the Players have the drive, the passion, and the talent that so many bands seem to lack in this business today. In the future they hope to be on tour headlining venues so that they may share their art with the world. Josh summed it up in these words, "Imagine having all the people who would truly enjoy and appreciate our music hear it. We have hundreds of thousands of fans who have never heard our music." To all those fans seeking what they have not yet heard, experience music as it should be, experience Willie Strings & the Players.
- Maureen Halsema


Willie Strings and the Players
(Self-titled release Aug '04)

1. Part of Me
2. Lusidity
3. Next to you
4. Passin' time
5. Homegrown
6. Ain't no Prize
7. Resolve
8. Angelic Devil
9. How it ended
10. Murmur
11. Squeeze
12. That debt is Paid

Description: A wide variety of styles are covered by this diverse DC Metro area band. Reggae, rock and blues come together in twelve original songs all unique from one to the next. Fantastic singing/songwriting and drums highlight this debut album.

"Passin Time" has been aired on dc101's Local lix several times.
"Part of Me" and "Lusidity" have been played on WMUC's 88.1 fm college radio station.

Unreleased tracks from this album:
murmur (remix - feat. King Nard Ocyress)
How it Ended (with Jessica from "the Avenue")
Willie Strings & the Players
"Glass Half Full"
(Released 5/30/07)

1. About Cali
2. Clarity
3. Twister
4. We'll be alright
5. No Avail

Description: In efforts to tide the fanbase over until the 2nd full length, WS&tP released "Glass Half Full" a collection of 5 demo recordings.

"We'll be alright" was put on the band's myspace page shortly after the release of the EP. In it's first week and a half on the board it had over 200 plays.
Willie Strings & the Players
"All in Good time"
(Released 5/16/2008)

1. As it Should be
2. Just be Good (Half Pint cover)
3. All in Good time
4. B.l.u.
5. Finally
6. Angelic Devil
7. that debt is paid
8. Baby, Bye bye

A video was made for "Baby, Bye bye". Directed by Anthony Bari, Jr. and shot in fall '06. The video is on both the band's website on the "video" page and on the WS&tP youtube page.

**All tracks can be found on itunes.**



Band: Willie Strings and the Players offer a unique sound that is up-tempo, energetic, and perfect for any venue. They have consistently been booking new events since their inception, and are regular performers at numerous locations because of their popular crowd pleasing style and sound. They are a group of experienced musicians, and it comes through both in the studio and on stage. Within less than a month of release, their 3rd album, All in Good Time, sold over 600 copies through concert sales and word of mouth marketing. All 3 of their releases are now available on iTunes and CD Baby.

About Willie Strings:

Born in Silver Spring, MD, first started performing at the age of 12, now some 17 years, four line-ups, at least a thousand open mics and hundreds of shows later ....Willie's ready and set to go! Whether it's a solo acoustic performance or a full-on electric set with the band, you are in for an hell of a ride! Better strap in...You never know what this eclectic Master of Ceremonies might bring to your ears. Could be a beautiful ballad with melodies that will shock you. Then again it could be an all out in-your-face, up tempo rock song, with elements of ska or reggae! Or it could just be some good ol' down home one-drop reggae, so sweet that you'll be forced to stay on the dance floor till the lights come on. Either way, this band leader has a way of connecting with an audience that needs to be seen to be understood.

About the Players:

~Bruno has been a local musician for years, applying his signature guitar licks in former DC and VA based band OneOneSeven and guest spots with the Fishermen band based directly out of our Nation's Capitol. He brings elements of modern alternative, rock, and new reggae to the table. As well, his latin influences and classical guitar training are evident in every note. Bruno brings an energy reminiscent of The Red Hot Chili Peppers or 311 to the stage, and in doing so he lights up his corner with a performance all his own. He was hosting his open mic in N.W. DC where he met Willie in April 2002, and he is now the latest welcomed addition to the Players and since his inception has blended beautifully.

~Josh "Dr. Love" Insel has been playing bass for years. He's played in various projects along the way, gaining experience on the stage, as well as in his own recording studio. Josh has an incredible love for music and all that goes into the process of making music. Whether it's all day recording sessions, or setting up a stage, he's truly at home in the element of production. His bass playing is very reminiscent of the band Sublime, or Long Beach Dub Allstars, in that it's easy to feel what he's trying to say with every note. His energy on stage is that of legend and his vibe off stage is quite the same.

~Chris Compton is a multi-talented musician. A master of the piano, guitar and all things drums. Chris is a well rounded, musician who loves life and every aspect there is to it.