Willie V.

Willie V.


Willie V. is a one man band that plays psychedelic rockabilly-inspired rock n' roll all by his lonesome. He plays a kick drum and snare with his feet, a guitar with his hands and hollers his vocals through an Israeli gas mask modified with a built-in microphone.


Willie V. grew up in the musical wasteland of the early nineties and at the age of fifteen discovered the Cramps.

From that point he dove deep into the most obscure of psychotic songwriting, soaking up everything from early 20th century blues and field hollers to obscure 1970's psychedelia.

Growing up, he taught himself to play guitar by ear and by the time he hit his twenties he was tired of being locked up in a room playing to no one. He couldn't immediately find anyone to start a band with, so he bought a kick drum and hi-hat and started booking shows as a one-man-band.

He recorded an album titled "The Field Recordings of Willie Vanilli", and went on to have his songs appear on the compilation albums "Get Out of My Garage, Punk" and "Soundtrack to Oblivion".

After playing around the Oklahoma City music scene for a few years, he took a break to let his creative storeroom of songs fill back up. During this time he played drums for the Oklahoma-based group "The Oh Johnny! Girls".

He's now working on a new release featuring 20 original songs, and is in the final stages of releasing a split CD with fellow Oklahoma one-man-band Bloody Ol' Mule.

Willie is ready to start hitting the pavement outside of Oklahoma and taking his sideshow to the world.


The Field Recordings of Willie Vanilli

Set List

Typical set runs 45 minutes to 1 hour, all original songs unless it is a special occasion that warrants a cover or two.


Been Winded
Sixteen Guns
Shit Kicker
Impermanent Seas
Goin' Home
Where's My Bullet?
Save the Forest, Kill the People
Hoboin' Scene
Drug Cruise
Crap Rocket
Dirt Road Shuffle
Stop. Silence. End.
Dance of Desire
Bloody Pew
Die Alone
Beyond the Graveyards
Under the Devil
Ungrown Hipster
Something to Lose
Surf Dirge
Shake That Rattle
Russian Dirt Surf
Pants Down