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Willi Jones

Willi Jones is that rare combination of talents — a beguiling singer, an accomplished songwriter and an extraordinary performer. And this advance CD of her new recording, Courting the Invisible is a perfect introduction to her world. It’s a place where ambient soundscapes collide with the heartfelt lyricism of country ballads and where exuberant pop melodies are as informed by somber reflection as intimate confessions.

The intoxicating music of Courting the Invisible is the work of an assured artist reaching the peak of her abilities. Set adrift on a gentle foundation of lush yet minimal arrangements, these songs explore a terrain of lost innocence mingled with hope, of wide-eyed enthusiasm merged with hard-earned wisdom.

One listen to the bewitching “Falling for You,” the playful eroticism of “This is the Life,” the haunting “Gone” or her breezy reading of the Rolling Stone’s “Dandelion” proves that Jones is a master of moods, textures and feels.

Recorded in New York City and Charleston, SC, with longtime producer-collaborator Tim Hatfield (Steve Earle, Keith Richards) and an ensemble of stellar contributors, that aforementioned care is manifest on Courting the Invisible. As you’ll soon hear, it’s a work of rare charm and beauty and heralds the triumphant return of a truly singular artist.

A native of Charleston, Willi Jones began her career performing in everything from country blues bands to USO tours. On Geffen Records, she released the lost classic Willi Jones which featured Waddy Watchel, JD Souther and a duet with the legendary bluesman Willie Dixon. A multifaceted artist, Jones has never hesitated to expand her artistic horizons. She is the co-founder of the ambient trance-groove collective Mars Orchid, whose epononymous debut in was released on White Rabbit Records and the psychedelic blues band Phantasmic Radio.


Geffen Records "Willi Jones"
White Rabbit Records "Mars Orchid"
Malabar Records " Black Halo"

Set List

1. Lolita
2. Superstar
3. Cowboy Eurostar
4. John Street Kiss
5. Swoon
6. So Long, Mary Jane
7. The Birth of Stars
8. Mercury Rise
9. Everything
10. What is Holding Her Down
11. Mia

1. Dandelion
2. Wonderwall
3. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
4. Like a Hurricane