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Willis Brownstone




Self-described as groove based improvisational funk rock, Willis Brownstone is hard pressed into to just one genre. With obvious influences of jazz, rock 'n roll, and funk, Willis B. produces melodic grooves mixed with fluid harmonies and ever evolving improvisation. They have cut their teeth sharing the stage with well known artists including Tea Leaf Green, Del Castillo and Graham Colton, and they have played shows in dozens of cities across the southwest. From as far north as Manhattan, Kansas, all the way down to the South Texas Coast, Willis Brownstone is fast becoming a true Texas favorite.


Mind Front

Written By: Willis Brownstone

There’s trouble on the mind front
It’s been like this everyday
Well the moon peeks through forest and
Reaches me where I lay
I walk amongst the seasons
Tread upon the leaves
Well I try to find the
Reason got scratches on my knees

Dot the i up in the sky
Cause it’s the thing that makes me try
To see the things that you do

I love to be in places
Pretend I’m somewhere else
Well I love to be in places
Where loves illusion melts
Fictitious under you and me
Maybe it’s just me
Well I try to find the balance
In the illusions I see

Dot the i up in the sky
Cause it’s the thing that makes me try
To see the things that you do

Pilla Parable

Written By: Willis Brownstone

So many thoughts
For so many dreams
I wish I were close to
Knowing what they mean
So bright in their glowing
Though sleek in disguise
I get to look right at them
But not with these eyes

That keep on searching till the day’s end
When all minds are retired
And it’s time to lend
My head to the pillow to redefend
This ray of consciousness
That never will bend

All of your plans
And all of my schemes
Make me so tired
Of these reoccurring themes
So far in the distance
But just a finger snap away
Will I get these things for free
Or one day will I pay

Loved Me A Lie

Written By: Willis Brownstone

I gave you my chance little girl
But you're really not my kind
You put me down out of shame
And you're way out of my time
I got my brothers
Cause we always see the line
You ain't got to blow my candle
Just to make yours burn so bright

You said you loved me a lie
You said you loved me a lie

You got to take a step back
Get away from all of this
Don't worry about nothing more
It's just a lonesome kiss


Ragic Pilf
(2002) - 1st live release

Live at the Bosque River Stage
(2003) - 2nd live release

Summer Salt
(2004) - 1st studio release

Live Shows (12)
(2004-2005) - available for download only

Set List

Repertoire consists of over 30 original songs and

over 150 cover tunes. Willis Brownstone prefers a

longer show, usually around 4 hours, mostly

original. Typical repertoire of covers consists of

songs by Jimi Hendrix, Phish, Santana, 311, Led

Zeppelin, Funkadelic, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Wonder, The

Allman Brothers Band, and so on and so on.