Jon-L Jones

Jon-L Jones



After years of performing lead and background vocals both live and on regional jingles, and writing award winning music for other artist, Willis Jones always hears the same questions; Why? Where? and When?

A moving balladeer with tonal qualities and a voice that catches the attention of anyone who's near, Jones draws in the wandering ear. A student of the Luther Vandross-Will Downing voice, and the Stevie Wonder-Burt Bacharach pen, Willis Jones is an accomplished vocalist with a variety of style that allows him to make any song, “ his song”.

If he's singing at a wedding, guests and visitors immediately hush their whispers and listen in with that kind of “is he really singing or is it memorex” expression. While performing at various events for Gen. Colin Powell, Maya Angelou, and Anita Baker he was summoned backstage by each for a cd or something with his voice and music. When the President of the United States was visiting Michigan, Willis Jones was called to again to perform his simple but soulful rendition of the National Anthem that sent chills throughout the State Capital.

With a mother that was a music major and a church choir director, Willis Jones was trained to play piano and sing from as early as he can recall. Although his mother was a powerful soul singer of gospel music, she emphasized technique and classical training to all of her children. Each of the children also had to learn background harmony and showmanship before being summoned to perform solo. At about 16 years of age, she realized that Willis had an exceptional solo voice, but insisted that he listen to the classic gospel and r&b singers to learn how to include what can only be described as genuine soul. Willis labored on learning to perfect background harmonies and write beautiful melodies that touched the heart of the listener.

As time passed, her instructions paid off well. In 2000, Willis penned and performed a national award winning theme song for National Community Foundations. Around the same time Joy Newhouse of the John Sloss Law Firm was visiting the Michigan area and heard Willis perform for a stage play. The next day she showed up at his job to inquire about the voice that brought her and her family to tears. She immediately began working to promote this classic vocalist and arranged work for him overseas. Declining to leave his job as a youth center Director, he stayed home and continued to write and perform. In 2003, he became the 1st winner of the Mid-Michigan Male Solo Artist of the year to ever win without having an album released.

His reluctance to enter the entertainment world was due somewhat to his strong religious upbringing as well as his belief that his talent is just something God bestowed on him and is not due to his own ability. Well, We’ve got him!! He has recorded some of his original music and now it’s out here. You listen and judge for yourself.

The two prepared songs are just a few of the over 100 songs that he has written for other recording artist and some just locked away in his small studio. The stirring ballad “No Smile” forces one to listen and long for the presence of the one you love. The jazzy lounge styled “Crazy Alice” is a song that tells a story of bad love and displays the musical background his late mother planted in her child. Both songs are written and performed both musically and vocally by Willis Jones. Listen, and you too will be asking Why, When, and Where?