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Will Kimbrough

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE | AFM

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE | AFM
Band Americana Rock


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Will Kimbrough @ Folk Alliance International

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Will Kimbrough @ Folk Alliance International

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Will Kimbrough @ Folk Alliance International

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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Music Review:
THIS - Will Kimbrough

"Sincerity won't turn the gifted songwriter-guitarist Will Kimbrough into a star, but his penetrating portraits of compromise and vulnerability on THIS inspire heavy soul-searching. Eloquent lyrics and mood-conjuring instrumentation (forlorn horns on "Chimayo," plaintive strings on "Dream Away") make THIS a must for listeners seeking an enduring alternative to the ephemeral fluff ruling the airwaves. A-" - Entertainment Weekly

WEDNESDAY'S PICK: "Less Polite" by Will Kimbrough

As a hired-gun guitar-slinger for the likes of Rodney Crowell, Todd Snider, Josh Rouse and others, Will Kimbrough has earned a reputation as an 'alien' -- a little joke among the alt-country cognoscenti that it's the only way to explain Kimbrough's otherworldly prowess. fortunately for Kimbroug, who aspires to a solo career, his songwriting chops are solid, too.

On his new AMERICANITIS, Kimbrough cranks out folk-rock that plays on the best traditions of both genres. In 'Less Polite,' Kimbrough declares his independence from the euphemistic reserve that serves as the hallmark of his Alabama upbringing. When he sings, 'I'm tryin gto be less polite / I'm fed up wiht the Christian wrong," the jagged polemic goes down easy thanks to A SMARTLY PLACED MELODY WITH JUST ENOUGH CRUNCH to keep it from devolving into country-pop syrup.

(MP3 of "Less Polite" on NPR.org site)
- NPR Music, by David Brown

"Though Will Kimbrough's masterful guitar work has been featured on albums by Jimmy Buffett and Rodney Crowell, his solo career is what's made him a legend in some circles. When he first became popular in his home state of Alabama, a bar could attract huge crowds just by advertising that 'Will" was playing.

Predominantly folk music with country, bluegrass and rock tendencies, Kimbrough's songs feature catchy lyrics to go with his guitar skills. He tends to inject a distinct sense of humor into his music, even when the subject isn't easy to smile about -- in 'PRIDE,' Kimbrough sings, 'I liked those 'Who Would Jesus Bob?' lapel pins / When did pride get crossed off the list of deadly sins?' Kimbrough's latest album, AMERICANITIS, came out this past summer.

(MP3 of "Pride" posted on WXPN.org site)

posted Oct. 24, 2006 - WXPN.org/WorldCafe - by David Dye

WAXED - Record Review
Will Kimbrough - HOME AWAY (Waxy Silver)

"Nearly two decades into a career that has included fronting Will & the Bushmen, co-leading the Bis-Quits and playing guitar with Todd Snider, Will Kimbrough still plays pure pop for grownups.

Experienced enough to not be blindsided by love, life and his failings, the singer-guitarist writes of relationships you must work at, love that makes you feel special or like crap, jobs that take you from home, and the bewildering dissatisfaction of having a good thing and not knowing why you're not 'Happier'.

'Piece Of Work', a roaring, sassy, mission statement set to a martial beat and scratch-guitar riff, sums up what you need to know about Kimbrough: 'I'm all dumbfounded, stubborn as an ass, sharp as an arrow in a pile of glass. I'm a sweetheart, genius, reckless jerk. Lord have mercy, I'm a piece of work."

Kimbrough serves it up in a voice piercing and weary, like John Lennon or Randy Newman and with music that goes from rock to country shuffle to string-backed piano pop decked in 'ooh' and 'ahh' backing choruses.

HOME AWAY shows a pro at work, knowing what he wants to say and how to say it. And though it's about grownups, it works because it makes you feel like a kid." - No Depression Issue #42 (Nov-Dec. 200)

"His (Will Kimbrough's) acoustic pop/rock songs are honest observations of the human condition filtered through his unique and sophisticated perspective. He's self-deprecating in a charmingly infectious sort of way." - American Songwriter

"Although the rock-and-roll heart of Kimbrough's music eats may lie in growling guitars and arrangements ideas that ricochet from John Lennon to Harold Melvin, it's brain is wired on country style narrative."
- Boston Phoenix

"This album ("THIS") is one of the most ear-bending solo outings to emerge from the States in recent times....delivering Raspberries-like power pop in the shape of Closer to the Ground, promoting Byrdsian jangle-ware and heading into folk-blues with 'Diamond In A Garbage Can'." - MOJO Magazine (United Kingdom)

"Wonderfully written and executed songs: sparse yet full of literacy, emotion and a primitive's attitude to modern invention, though there is nothing remotely primitive about the sound or craft on this short set. Will Kimbrough's ‘EP’ is well worth seeking out; while its forms may be familiar, there isn't anything remotely like it out there."

by Thom Jurek
- All Music Guide

"Kimbrough, a veteran Nashville rocker and producer, is apparently out to prove just how many styles he can master. On his new eight-song album – ‘EP’ - he takes on acoustic folk, modeling his original songs on a variety of age-old influences, including English modal ballads, Delta blues, early American parlor songs and Appalachian string bands. As with everything else he’s done, there’s an emphasis on melody, feel and smart lyricism." - The Nashville Scene (TN)

Music Review: Will Kimbrough – Americanitis

Once upon a time, the word patriotism meant more than flag waving and self-important rhetoric. Does bringing that up make singer-songwriter Will Kimbrough a dissident or a terrorist? All depends on who you ask, apparently. Listen to “Pride” on Kimbrough’s fourth solo album, Americanitis. When you’re through, decide if his gut checks shame America enough for turning away from the liberty and democracy it claims to defend, or if they merely make him an enemy combatant and Gitmo candidate.

Early on, Kimbrough quips "I liked those “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” lapel pins/ When did pride get crossed off the list of deadly sins?" The words crash against the eardrums like a close-range IED detonation... and with every bit of force that the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” chorus does. Seriously. "Pride is a man who goes to war to save face."

Yeah, I’m going with the social conscience answer.

It’s a pretty hefty political message from the Alabama native, known for being the proficient guitarist and oft clever wiseacre. Whether he’s calling out government corruption and foreign policy gaffes (“I Lie,” “Perfect Desert Blue,” “Less Polite”), or exploring the time lines and oddities of existence (“Life,” “Grown Up Now”) Kimbrough brings his crafts home with certain and undeniable humility.

Co-written by Pat Buchanan – the Nashville singer-songwriter, not the MSNBC pundit/analyst – “Grown Up Now” might be the best of the entire bunch. In it, Kimbrough embraces fatherhood, relishes single malt scotch (okay, so that’s me projecting… he did say "expensive liquor down the hatch"), and shoos away party girls in favor of familial obligations. Scrupulously delightful, to the last.

Kimbrough’s fretwork has long been his calling card; it made him a star on releases by Jimmy Buffett, Rodney Crowell and fellow roots-rock jester Todd Snider. But with Americanitis, the listener can truly relish Kimbrough as a spectacular wordsmith as well. Fans of Snider, Americana, No Depression, alt-country, roots rock, folk, soulful songwriting and a unique sense of humor will appreciate and crave Kimbrough’s creative candor.

Overly sensitive right-wingers, on the other hand, need not apply.
- BlogCritics.com


WINGS - Daphne Records (2010)

(DADDY) FOR A SECOND TIME - Cedar Creek Music (2009)

EP - Daphne Records (2008)

AMERICANITIS - Daphne Records (2007)

(DADDY) AT THE WOMEN'S CLUB - Cedar Creek Music (2005)

GODSEND - Waxy Silver Records (2003)

HOME AWAY - Waxy Silver Records (2002)

THIS - Waxy Silver Records (2000)

THE BIS-QUITS - Oh Boy Records (1993)

GAWK - Waxy Silver Records



Will Kimbrough is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer born and raised in the deep south of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Will's songs and sound reflect equally his lifetime of playing and writing, beginning at the precocious age of 12, and his prodigious appetite for all kinds of music----folk, blues, gospel, country, rock n roll, punk rock and jazz.

Will has released five solo discs and five albums with his bands DADDY, The Bis-Quits, and Will and the Bushmen. He has produced Todd Snider and many other artists.

Will Kimbrough's songs have been recorded by Jimmy Buffett, Little Feat, Todd Snider and Jack Ingram. Will has shared the stage or worked in the studio with Rodney Crowell, the aforementioned Snider, Mavis Staples, Billy Joe Shaver, Mark Knopfler, Bill Withers, Steve Earle, Sonny Landreth, Bill Payne, Gomez, John Prine, Guy Clark, Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, The Jayhawks, Jenny Scheinman, Roseanne Cash and others.

In 2004, Kimbrough was named INSTRUMENTALIST OF THE YEAR by the Americana Music Association---an award that had previously gone three years in a row to the great Jerry Douglas.

Will has toured all over since way back and is carrying on into 2009 with European, Australian and US touring and the Summer 2009 release of the newest DADDY CD, "For a Second Time". 2005's "Americanitis" cast a critical eye on America in the early 21st Century. Will's most recent solo CD is 2007's "EP", featuring standout tracks like "Hill Country Girl" and "Yellow Mama". His upcoming album "Wings" is set for an early 2010 release. Many music fans consider Will Kimbrough a modern master of roots music and classic pop.