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Wesley the Weasel

Written By: Will Michael

Wesley the Weasel hates the smell of diesel, never sleeps inside the tractor barn.

He prefers the henhouse, for him it is a pent house filled with all the lovely lady chickens
When Farmer Brown sleeps, inside Wesley creeps and one-by-one each hen disappears.

In Farmer Brown’s dream he hears a chicken scream as Wesley fires up the grill

“Hello Farmer Brown it’s me Wesley. I’d like to order five chicken wings, fried chicken…. I’ll get you Wesley!!!!”

Brown sets a trap, “Here’s to Wesley’s epitaph” - chicken soup laced with cyanide
But Wesley is clever, “My mother taught me better” – remember son to stay away from poison.

Wesley the Wesley the Weasel hides under the steeple
He confessed to me, he’s no remorse for his life’s course

Wesley the Weasel faster than a beagle even with a heavy dozen eggs

When rooster called the dawn, Wesley - he was gone, through a hole in the back wall of the shed.

Brown then decided the coop he will hide in a shot gun would surely do the trick

That weasel is a fighter, the musket backfired and Wesley escaped once again.

Wesley the Weasel faster than a beagle, flies through the night with a dozen eggs and a chicken thigh.