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""Two Young Men Using Their 'Infinite Minds'""

Rapper Will Milla and his co-manager TouMoney, both in their early twenties, are trying to make it the right way in hip-hop - by bringing a positive message that will help uplift their people. Stated TouMoney, "A lot of music nowadays is just produced to make money. There isn’t any kind of message behind it, or if there is, it’s usually negative. We want to stress the positive because there’s already enough negativity in the streets."
He said, too, that while rappers are always talking about keepin’ it real, "A lot of them out here rap about chains and guns and cars and material stuff. But the average person that buys their album doesn’t have any of that."
Will, who writes all his own lyrics, raps about substantive social issues, real-life experiences that his listeners can relate to because they see them every day or are going through them themselves. He only curses in a song when it’s necessary to get a point across, and when he talks about an issue like selling drugs, instead of glamorizing it, he takes the approach, "This is what led us to do it; this is why we got out of it; or this is how you can help yourself get away from stuff like that." "I’m not going to make selling drugs look like it’s such a great thing because it’s not," Will stated.
Will Milla’s first mixtape CD out of the series Hungree as a Hostage Vol. 1, was co-produced by TouMoney. One of the songs on it is "Rough Times." When Will performed it last summer before about 5,000 to 8,000 people at the Million Youth March, it grabbed a lot of attention because of the way it dealt with real issues that you wouldn’t hear a lot of rappers talking about – including some that are often off-limits, like the negative things your own mother did in her earlier life and their effects now. The song’s hook goes:
"All I know is what I’ve been through, rough times, not enough dimes, weed or women, my eyes have seen the consequences. Lots of stitches, wilding out while living’s my religion. I think back of all the kickbacks, kidnaps, mom’s sick, placed in a home, she wants her kids back, should have thought before she did crack, I spit facts about life’s problems, my transitions and sick raps. Roll it up and got a sick track!"
Will began writing poetry when he was 13 years old, and he performed his first rap at the House of the Lord Church’s Easter program when he was about 14. Also, it was at this church that, when they were quite young, he and TouMoney first met and became friends. They both have the church to thank for the fact that they didn’t stray too far down the wrong path while growing up. Although his lyrics are strictly secular, Will’s religious background certainly influences their positive direction.
Will Milla has been enthusiastically received at such venues as the Downtown Night Club and Jimmy’s Uptown Café. He is very well informed as to politics and will be performing with Council Member Charles Barron at a memorial benefit for the family of Timothy Stansbury.
Will commented that when he gets to the top of the mountain, he wants to be able to look back and say, "I didn’t have to step on anyone’s back or destroy anyone to get here. I made it just on my own hard work. Battle rap is the true form of hip-hop," he continued, "but with today’s generation, artists often possess more pride than talent. If someone is more creative than they are, they take it as an insult when, instead, they should embrace the next one. I don’t feel I should have to make someone else look bad to make myself look better."
TouMoney added that they could have gone the negative route and probably already made another CD, "But we just want to stay humble and stay focused on what we’ve got to do, and convey that through the music."
Both TouMoney and Will are hoping to do something that’s good for other people and successful financially. Right now, they're working independently, trying to put together their own label, which they will call Infinite Mind, and trying to get a distribution deal. As TouMoney explained, "We like to think of it as a movement: getting ahead by using your brain. Even though a lot of people chose the streets, if we can make that change and be seen doing positive things, hopefully we can influence others to do the same thing."
Hungree as a Hostage Vol. 1 can be gotten on the street throughout Brooklyn and Long Island.

- Greenwich Village Gazette


Hungree As a Hostage Vol. 1 (mixtape)
Hungree As a Hostage Vol. 1.5 "The Future" (mixtape)



Through the mind of a man who has lived everywhere from streets contaminated with social ills to the inside of an institution, each day depicts survival and reaching beyond the average to achieve a higher level of living. Will Milla, born Will Miller, personifies the vibe of a man who refuses to submit to the forces that surround him. Instead, through the vivid, picturesque paintings he creates with his lyrics, Will rises above all that seems impassable.

At the age of thirteen, Will began writing poetry with a flair that appeared to stem from his ability to articulate all that he was moved by. Resurrecting a time when people were happy to be themselves, the natural perseverance of Miller is present in each syllable he spits. Between the lines laced with lyricism and intellect lies an undeniably accurate account of life as Miller knows it. He delivers with compelling energy and enthusiasm for his every word. The clear and vivid images of his life growing up in Brooklyn, NY, among other places, are delivered with the ease of his flawless flow. Shifting his focus from personal dilemmas to handling his hood and the struggles of the streets, Miller keeps each line moving with his infectious command. Overcoming despair with depth and decisiveness, Will Miller epitomizes eloquence.

Infinite Minds, the brainchild of Will Miller, represents a movement driven by a passion to rise above the standard, replacing mediocrity with evolution. Miller's reputation precedes him: a witty, cunning and brilliant young man, he set the stage for the birth of Infinite Minds in 2000. Tired of hearing the regular routine on the radio, Miller decided to build his own formula. Joined by longtime friend and close associate, 2 Money, the duo sparked the start of infinite possibilities. Miller describes the music that spawned from this beginning as real “music that people can feel, complete with a song for every mood.”

Representing Infinite Minds at venues such as Downtown Nightclub, Demarar's, and at the renowned Million Youth March parade in NYC, Miller brings his dedication to his rhymes wherever he roams. Collaborating with the likes of Sticman from dead prez and sharing the stage with Supanova, among other artists, Miller has clearly solidified his ambitions as an artist with something substantial to say. The most recent release from Infinite Minds, “Hungree As A Hostage, Volume 1.5 The Future” is a combination of original songs and freestyles, showcasing the versatility of this artist.