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Will Milla

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The music of Will Milla represents an accurate and universal account of life as he knows it. Milla depicts life using infectious lyrics as he takes listeners on a journey, aiming to instill a sense of hope into all; Milla can be found on www.myspace.com/infiniteminds, www.infiniteminds.ning.com.


Through the mind of a man who has lived everywhere from streets contaminated with social ills to the inside of an institution, each day depicts survival and reaching beyond the average to achieve a higher level of living. Will Milla, born Will Miller, personifies the vibe of a man who refuses to submit to the forces that surround him. Instead, through the vivid, picturesque paintings he creates with his lyrics, Will rises above all that seems impassable.

At the age of thirteen, Will began writing poetry with a flair that appeared to stem from his ability to articulate all that he was moved by. Resurrecting a time when people were happy to be themselves, the natural perseverance of Miller is present in each syllable he spits. Between the lines laced with lyricism and intellect lies an undeniably accurate account of life as Miller knows it. He delivers with compelling energy and enthusiasm for his every word. The clear and vivid images of his life growing up in Brooklyn, NY, among other places, are delivered with the ease of his flawless flow. Shifting his focus from personal dilemmas to handling his hood and the struggles of the streets, Miller keeps each line moving with his infectious command. Overcoming despair with depth and decisiveness, Will Miller epitomizes eloquence.

Infinite Minds, the brainchild of Will Miller, represents a movement driven by a passion to rise above the standard, replacing mediocrity with evolution. Miller's reputation precedes him: a witty, cunning and brilliant young man, he set the stage for the birth of Infinite Minds in 2000. Tired of hearing the regular routine on the radio, Miller decided to build his own formula. Joined by longtime friend and close associate, 2 Money, the duo sparked the start of infinite possibilities. Miller describes the music that spawned from this beginning as real “music that people can feel, complete with a song for every mood.”

Representing Infinite Minds at venues such as Downtown Nightclub, Demarar's, and at the renowned Million Youth March parade in NYC, Miller brings his dedication to his rhymes wherever he roams. Collaborating with the likes of Sticman from dead prez and sharing the stage with Supanova, among other artists, Miller has clearly solidified his ambitions as an artist with something substantial to say. The most recent release from Infinite Minds, “Hungree As A Hostage, Volume 1.5 The Future” is a combination of original songs and freestyles, showcasing the versatility of this artist.


Hungree As a Hostage Vol. 1 (mixtape)
Hungree As a Hostage Vol. 1.5 "The Future" (mixtape)

Set List

Approximately 30 minutes. Includes freestyles and original songs.