Will of the Ancients

Will of the Ancients


Will of the Ancients is an epic mix of all metal styles. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, always metal.

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Northern Storm Records
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Cold Grim Times - 2004 - Independent (out of stock)

Track List:

1. Cold Grim Times
2. Lord of the Nights Eclipse
3. Sparrows Song
4. For Honour and Empire
5. Winter is Coming

Will of the Ancients (s/t) 2006 - Northern Storm Records

Track Listing

1. Battle for the Sky
2. Between Stagnation and Infamy
3. Lords of the Sea
4. Epistemlogical Conundrum
5. Sleeper Awakes
6. Behind Her Eyes
7. Steel Resounds
8. Curse of Thrones
9. Bard's Tale
10. The Artifact

Cold Grim Times can be downloaded for free on our website.

Tracks from our self titled can be found on our myspace.