Will of the Ancients

Will of the Ancients




Will of the Ancients from Toronto, Canada, formed in the winter of 2002. The band has endured many seasons and some line up changes and right now, 2010 sees the metal band in their strongest form ever.

From the release of their 2003 debut EP entitled “Cold Grim Times”, Will of the Ancients solidified their reputation as one of the premier metal bands in the Ontario metal scene, delivering energetic performances and honed songwriting.

A self-titled debut full-length record followed in 2006, featuring distinctive, relentless and fiercely epic songs, furthering Will of the Ancients’ notoriety in the Toronto metal underground.

This notoriety has since spread, building a loyal following across North America. Their reputation has been further strengthened playing alongside bands such as Behemoth, Finntroll, Orphaned Land, Augury, Neuraxis, Vreid, Bal Sagoth, Quo Vadis and Wolven Ancestry.

In 2008, Will of the Ancients’ current line up came together, with long-standing original members, Stephen Walton (Vocals), Tristan Biggar (Guitar) and Colin Attlesey (Keyboards) joining forces with Ryan Sequeira (Guitar), Jeff Kurkowski (Bass) and Dave Black (Drums) – and the band soon set to work on bold new material.

Energized and eager to take on the world in 2010, Will of the Ancients are set to release their new full-length album “To Our Glorious Dead”.

The band is also celebrating signing with top US Management and Artist Development Company, The Inner Light Agency. Damon Moreno, of iLA says “Will of the Ancients is an epic metal band. They’re relentless and solid and they live and breathe metal. I am stoked to welcome them to the iLA fold.”