Will of Tomorrow

Will of Tomorrow

 Racine, Wisconsin, USA

We are one of the most talented rock groups in Southeastern Wisconsin. The riffs will break your neck and the melodies tell the story. As we move out of the garage and into the playlists, our music is as catchy as it is complex. This kind of talent isn't found on the side stage!


Having over 50 years of combined live performing experience, Will of Tomorrow performs flawlessly each and every time they hit the stage. Their big stage sound has been hindered by the small, dimly lit bars of southeastern Wisconsin. Since they were teenagers, Kyle (bass) and Marko (guitar), have been slappin' strings together.

Having been influenced by Les Claypool and Flea, Kyle (formerly of Dead Fly Boy & Psychotic Dillusion) brings the funk while doing his signature 2 step. Marko (formerly of Psychotic Dillusion & Doe Doe Chops) is a master of his craft and combines jaw-dropping guitar solos and mind-blowing shredding.

Marko and Kyle joined forces with front man, Dave (formerly of Doe Doe Chops), in 2006 and began refining their sound. Dave's youth and energy brought new life to the band as they began playing more shows in the area. With aspirations of bigger and better things, Dave helped transform Will of Tomorrow into the heavy hitting group it is today.

Paul (drums) is the newest addition to Will of Tomorrow, joining the band in 2012. Paul is a music major at the University of Wisconsin - Parkside and has been in numerous bands over the years. Paul is also currently the drummer for the band "Solar Plexus" and recently returned from recording their newest album in Boston, MA where his fellow band-mates attend Berklee College of Music. Paul's talent is only matched by his appetite for music.

Will of Tomorrow's current line-up brings together the greatest combination of talent the band has ever had and their performances are proof of that.

Set List

Beyond the Ashes
Aerials (cover)
Letting Go
You Look So Pretty...
Immigrant Song (cover)
Glass by Glass
Force of Habit
Megalomaniac (cover)
What the Hell is Wrong With Me?!?
Breed (cover)