Willow combines new and traditional Folk, Celtic, and Bluegrass genres with breath taking vocals and fiery instrumentals.


Willow's musical style ranges from traditional and original folk, Celtic, Irish, and bluegrass. From ballads to fiery instrumentals, Willow has shown themselves to be a crowd pleaser from the start.

Their musical influences come from: Alison Krause, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie McMasters, Bill Monroe and many more Celtic and Bluegrass musicians.

Willow formed in late September, 2003. On October 24 they had their first performance at the Box Factory in St. Joseph, MI where they filled the concert hall to capacity. In December they performed an outstanding live concert on a radio show called the Back Porch 88.1 FM WVPE.

Although each member of this band could hold their own in the music world, their combined musical talents bring a compelling power to the stage.

"This is the band I have been waiting for my whole life. There's nothing more enjoyable than performing with such outstanding musicians." -Fiddler and lead vocalist Eryca Nelson.

Whether they are performing for a private party or a larger venue, Willow's versatility sets them apart as a band for all occasions.



Written By: Eryca Nelson

You wrote me a letter today
Put it on my windshield and then walked away
It said I never made you happy anyway

Well these aren’t tears just a way to survive
Cause it feels like something’s tearing me up inside
But you never cared in the first place so why start now

I can still laugh and I can still smile
And I’ll be all right but it might take a while
I’m alone- but I’m unbroken

I drove past your house again
I’ve got to stop doing that
You’re never home anyway

I went to the beach and wrote your name in the sand
Said goodbye and watched it blow in the wind
Ate an ice cream sandwich cause that’s how we met

You should put up a sign above your heart that says
Trespassers beware enter at your own risk
You never told me your heart would be so cold
So c-o-l-d

Well your mother said it was a lot of things
But mostly you got tired of waiting for me
I got tired of waiting for you to care

I don’t know what happened but that’s ok
And like you said it’s better this way
I’d rather be along with me than alone with you


Eryca Nelson's Recordings:
Treasures (8 Tracks)
Unbroken (11 Tracks)

Carl Payne's Recordings:
Faithful Endeavors (14 tracks)
Frosty Morning (11 tracks)

Bob Nelson's Recordings:
Sitting at the right hand of God

A Willow recording is coming soon

Set List

Length of sets: Approx. 45min.
Number of sets: 2

Set One:
Apples in Winter
Take Me Away
When We Believe
The Road to Lisdoonvarna
Foggy Dew
All the Pretty Horses
Reel Beatrice
Cooley's Reel
Black Black Black
The Water is Wide

Set two:
Ghost in this House
Thinking my Way Back Home
Clergy's Lamentation
Fanny Power
Anachy Gordan
Small Town
Blue Violin
Over the Rainbow
Bluestone Mt.
The Road is Rocky