Willowan Lights

Willowan Lights

 Carlton North, Victoria, AUS

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Written By: Willowan Lights

I see you sorry you’ve been wasting so much time
I see, enlighten me, fate is a wait
I sleep the sleep, sleep the dream
I know where to rest my head
I see you smiling it takes me away

I’ve never really been easy on myself
I found a star in a stone

It feels like a nightmare to meet someone you trust
When it’s the season to fear and have doubt
I’m use to seeing the bad end of everyone
But I know you’ve got a decent heart

I never really believed I would rate someone
So when you cry its time to find a new
Dreams are dreams and your sweet what a dancing beauty in the dark
If to win a fight means to be somewhere i'll try.

Remember wanting to find the rest in a place
Where everything was decided on
I remember wanting to find the rest and everyone wants to try her out. Sweets

Diamond Hill

Written By: Willowan Lights

I kinda wish you'd do the dishes far away from here,
Sitting back with a box of matches, flying high in the air
She makes me wonder, I’m suspicious i cant get my head clear.

Mumma handed me the the sky, she said its time to set you free
When she looked into my eyes she said your dreams aren’t that easy
Caught the train to Diamond Hill when I was only 17
All that matters in this life is that you live happily

I kinda think we're on a mission
Find some use and belief
I hear some noises outside my bedroom
It’s the birds in the trees
What’s to wonder, you're in the city
It's time to live all you dreams
She lives a humble life existence
I guess that’s how we breath

Mumma sat me in the car,
She said its time to set you free
When she looked up to the stars
She said it wont be that easy
Caught the train to diamond hill when I was only 17
All that matters in this life is what you believe


Written By: Willowan Lights

Whispered in her ear, what am I suppose to freak
With birds in her hair, we were making tweaky tweak would I wanna know
I wanna know, and there was

I was searching the would to find a place where I go
My body wasn’t free, my mind was upset and you took me to your realm
And your juices save us all

I fell to one side, and the rest I kind of knew
Cornered fools in our minds
You’ll be ghosting all night and you watched it run me down
Whole lot of doubt

It was burning rain, what am I suppose to freak
Was watching the ceiling and my heart its double beat
And I want to know, I am way to strong to feel so messed up inside