Willow Brocke

Willow Brocke

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN
BandJazzAdult Contemporary

Smooth jazz featuring pop melodies sung over lush harmony and vibrant grooves - reminiscent of Steely Dan circa 1980's. Captivating female voices blend with some of Canada's hottest jazz players. Appeals to a sophisticated adult audience looking for a contemporary yet soothing listening experience


Willow Brocke is an outstanding entertainer as well as a composer and vocalist. Her lyrics are honest and surprising - drawn from her unique life experience as well as her Cherokee and Norwegian heritage. Her soulful voice and dynamic range soar beautifully over her talented band which is made up of some of the best jazz and session players in Western Canada. Like Willow, they are equally at home in the genres of jazz, R&B, Soul and Pop music. Willow co-composed eight of the songs on her newly released CD with pianist Sheldon Zandboer to create a unique original sound that blends pop and jazz elements over hot grooves - in a dynamic, yet soothing listening experience that appeals to a sophisticated adult audience. Video for the single "Driving into Winter", directed by Alberta filmaker Ian Matheson is now in post production and will be released in June of 2009.

The band also performs surprising covers of other popular artists that make audiences sit up and take notice - while preserving the most beloved elements of these crowd favourites.


Walk in Beauty

Written By: Willow Brocke

Light to morning, mauve to flower
Love I feel binds every hour
Gathers strength on wings of will
Opening inside me still

Morning drinks the clouds at dawn
Stirred up on the song of lark
Beauty pulses through my bones
Chanting like a bed of stones

Chorus: I walk in beauty
I walk in beauty
I walk in beauty….to you

Winter rocks the sleeping tree
Wind will sing itself to sleep
Children made of broken stars
Gather flowers where they are



Love may be blind, but in my eyes
You’ve given me a second sight


Something lovely, deep inside
Something still, oh, something quiet
Breathing in me all the while
Urging me to feel alive

Some Kind of Magic

Written By: Willow Brocke

We leave the ground and stir the dust
We let the moon rise up in us
We reach from feelings deep inside
To ride the motion of the night
Baby here’s some kind of magic

Taking us cross the night
In a love that’s so right
When you kiss me I become
The light in your
I want to move with you
In a love spell for two
All through my lifetime
This is some kind of magic

We ride the rhythm hearts as one
And through the darkness find the sun
A fearless flight of you and me
Along the breeze above the trees


Like the moon we’ll catch a ride
On the power of the tide
Out to where the stars fly free
Sharing their secrets of ecstasy


Lead Me Somewhere

Written By: Willow Brocke

Tired now I’ve lost my way
Made mistakes, now it’s late
Letting go, too empty to
Start anew, I turn to you
To see me through….

Be the hope I need
Be the air that I breathe
Take my hand and lead me somewhere
Lead me somewhere,
Somewhere…far away from me

Nothing left it’s all a waste
I’ve been chased, out of grace
Don’t know if giving up is right
Though I’ve tried, just can’t fight

You say I’m not to blame
Win some you lose some
Tomorrow I might feel that way
But right now I just feel afraid


Driving Into Winter

Written By: Willow Brocke

Wall of white on the horizon
Finally greets me
Swallowing the highway like a
Viking feast

Bear sleeps and green keeps
It’s head under ground
Dreaming of fools still awake
Moving ‘round out there

Chorus Driving into winter
Driving into winter
Tiny snow people fly
Driving into winter
Driving into winter
I am warm in my ride

Up ahead tail-lights glow red
And so I follow
Common sense said:
Stay in bed but then
Well…you know

Bridge: Woo, woo, woo, woo
Just look at it blow
Oh, oh, oh, only the
Wind knows where…


Does it Steal Your Soul?

Written By: Willow Brocke

Empty, he walked out beyond his careful life,
Longing, restless, wandering
Letting go, looking out at nothing
For something

Her colours caught his eye, so unlikely
Beauty curving,
Must be with her, can’t resist her
An angel who’d been kissed by
Dirty rain

He’ll let her touch begin, to reach the depths of him

She’s asking: Where’d you lose it lover? Lover where’d it go?
Does the world you live in…
Does it steal your soul?
Does it steal your soul?
Steal your soul.

Steps in, to the fire, where the love is made
Stumbles into her mystery
Losing shame, losing masks and history
He learns to breathe
Woman full of grace, full of rhythm
Full of starlight
Takes him down, takes him deeper
To find out what he lost along the way


Written By: Willow Brocke & Sheldon Zandboer

It's always on your mind
Looking for that break you need You're hungry all the time
For the life you hope to find oh

You've got your lists
You've got calls, you've got leads
For turning dreams into reality
Don't you see?
Destiny is a wild child

Now you're high and now you're low
Where it's all going no one knows
You're dreams are riding bareback
On your soul
That's all you need to know

Working hard to shine
Shaking hands and making plans You're hungry all the time
For the life you hope to find oh

Feel the gallop of desire
Echoing across your life
Just close your eyes and ride

So Into You

Written By: B. Buie, D. Daughtry, R. Nix

When you walked into the room
There was voodoo in your eyes
I was captured by your style
But I could not catch your eyes
Now I stand here helplessly
Hoping you'll get into me

I am so into you
I can't get to nothin' else
I am so into you Baby
I can't get to nothin' else
Thinkin' how it's gonna be
Whenever I get you next to me
It's gonna be good, don't you know
Head to toe

Quiet Space

Written By: Willow Brocke & Sheldon Zandboer

I can't solve your problems
I don't have the money you need to
Take that big vacation
Even though you really deserve one
I am not a Buddha
I get cramps just sitting for too long
But I know I could've
Been a better friend
When you needed one

So if you'll let me
I wanna be the one to...

Make a quiet space
Inside my heart for you
Listen to you closely
When you speak your truth
So turn around, turn around
I'm here for you now

Sometimes I get caught up
In myself forgetting to notice that
Someone else feels screwed up
Getting so annoyed
When you interrupt
Should'a, would'a, could'a
I'll spare you my list of excuses and
Bring the tea and true love
You have earned for just
Putting up with me

I may not know what to do
But I'll be here for you
So please forgive me and
Let's see what's inside of you

The Kiss That Tells

Written By: Willow Brocke & Sheldon Zandboer

Make it tender, make it lovely
Make it come right straight
From your heart
Wrap it in everything I've ever wanted
To make me want, make me want
To stay...

'Cause just one kiss is all I need
To tell me
Just one kiss will be the one that tells
There's no way to know
If you're the real thing Darlin'
No way to know until the kiss
The kiss that tells

I feel nervous, a little shy still
Something tells me this is the night
You pull me close and
I'm closing my eyes, we'll
Make it last, make it last

And I am a girl whose heart is wise
I'll recognize a kiss that lies
That kind of a kiss
Can only try but fails
To be the kind of kiss that tells

Young Blood

Written By: Rickie Lee Jones

Just take a walk around midnight
In the city
Youngblood is hiding there somewhere
You're looking for something to do
There's always something
Happening there

Like I and Bragger we borrowed
A coup today
Here come Pepe, she got a friend
With a Chevrolet
She ain't runnin' she's just
Walking a little slow
She ain't cryin' she's just
Singin' a little

City will make you dirty
But you look alright
And you feel real pretty when he's
Holdin' you tight
City will make you mean
But Darlin' that's just make-up
On your face
Love will wash you clean
In the night's disgrace

Find a block where your people
Can find you
Keep your third eye watchin'
Behind you
You never know when you're
Makin' a memory
They'll wish that they were there
Together again, someday

Kid's lookin' for somethin' to get into
Take a look
Two for the movie show
Three for the back row
Hold tight
Remember you might'a felt like
Cool twelve but your fuse felt
Just like dynamite


Willow Brocke - Self Titled Debut Album
Current Airplay: "Driving Into Winter", "The Kiss That Tells" & "Some Kind of Magic"
Ritual - Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Raven Records

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