Willow Willow

Willow Willow

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Listening to Willow Willow is like enjoying a very rare, subtly sweet, complex and delectably addictive confection. This female alternative pop duo seamlessly weaves gorgeous vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics into their infectiously melodic, 1960's inspired compositions.


About Willow Willow:

Singer/songwriters Miranda Zeiger and Jessica Vohs discovered their gift for harmonizing together not long after meeting in kindergarten. Their intense, lifelong, musical bond results in a magical purity impossible to contrive. With influences ranging from the Beatles, the Smiths, and the Everly Brothers, to Burt Bacharach and Antonio Carlos Jobim, their smart, classic-sounding, original pop songs are what elevate this duo to the realm of the exquisite.
Willow Willow had been performing, primarily as a duo with a single guitar, in the San Francisco Bay Area for about seven years. Upon recently relocating to Los Angeles, they hired producer Luke Top (front man of local favorite, Fools Gold) and assembled a stellar group of musicians includung Luke Top on bass guitar, Paul Burkhart (Mover, Cocaine Unicorn) on drums, Aaron Robinson (Sea Wolf) on lead guitar and keyboardist Matthew Lurie to record a full length album, which is currently in its final stage of mixing. They are thrilled to release this new collection of their best songs yet, and to establish themselves within the live music scene of their new home city. The band’s enchanting sound can also be heard on their self-titled debut album on Mod Lang Records.


Terribly Smart

Written By: Miranda Zeiger

Terribly Smart
Miranda Zeiger ?2011

D Gmaj7 A7
D Em G A7
Somehow you stumbled out of bed to find yourself in this day
D Em G A7
The dreams that tumbled ‘round your head have almost faded away
Bm D Gmaj7 Bm D Gmaj7
But part of you remains in that gentle haze
A Gmaj7
And you’re not gonna let it go
A Gmaj7
Not for anything in this world, oh no, no

D Gmaj7
You’re terribly smart, you’ve mastered the art
A7 D
Of filling your time with nothing
Play tricks on your heart with plans that you start
That could’ve turned into something
D Gmaj7 A7 D
D Em G A7
You’d rather ponder strands of hair than attempt a creation
D Em G A7
You’d rather wander anywhere than choose a destination
Bm D Gmaj7 D Gmaj7
But part of you can see far beyond the ordinary
A Gmaj7
And you’re not gonna let it die
A Gmaj7
It’s killing you to live this life that you deny


Bm D Bm D
Why don’t you want to, why don’t you want to see
A Em
What a mind like yours could do
Em D
What a mind like yours could be


Willow Willow, LP, Mod Lang Records