Will Peters

Will Peters


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Manigatogan Monn

Written By: Will Peters

You see that woman over there
With the long white dress and the jet black hair
She's just so beautiful I find it hard not to stare
There's something about the way she moves,
Sweet, sweet grace across the floort
I keep on asking myself
What are you waiting for?

If I told her, could I hold her
Under this Manigatogan Moon
Now this feelin's got me reelin'
Under this Manigatogan Moon

Sometimes it's a crazy world
When things are lit by a big full moon
Sometimes the mystery can really get ahold of you
You never know for sure but maybe tonight is my lucky day
Feets don't fail me now
She's headed over my way


You could wait all your life for another great night
Just like this, that might never come

Repeat Chorus