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David Patrick Ohliger is the fearless leader of the soulful punk rock & roll act Willpilot. In 2004, he released the first Willpilot album. The Canadian recorded "Everybody is Everything" was warmly received by fans. Positive reviews quickly followed by Deli magazine.com, Scissorkick.com, Podcastdirectory.com, and CD baby. Ohliger then performed the record in and around New York City as a one man show playing multiple instruments at once while combining analog and digital devices. Around that time Ohliger hooked up with childhood friends Colin Schiller on drums and vocals, and Andrew Hagerty on trombone. The 3 of them played in the same high school symphonic band, where they learned how to perform and work well in a group situation. The band was solidified with the additions of Australian born Graham Brice and southern jazz genius Joseph Allan Johnson. Brice is primarily the bassman, but also jumps on guitar and keyboards while singing as well. Johnson provides melodic textures as well as nasty leads on his 80 year old saxphone. 2008 has already seen Willpilot playing more shows in more states. Armed with over 30 songs and a blue collar work ethic, Willpilot are shooting for the top.


Radio Revisted

Written By: David P. Ohliger

I heard it on the


"Everybody is Everything" LP (Cd available at CdBaby, downloads are available through itunes)
"El Roja" (Cd available for purchase through myspace.com/willpilotmusic.
"Live from New York, it's Willpilot!" (CD available at live performances)
Change has Come 7"

Set List

"Substitute for Sympathy, Sun Keeps Shinin' On, Detroit, O Canada, Where Were You (When I Needed You), Good Life, CHANGE, Radio, Radio Revisited, Baby with the Bells On, Closer, Secret Man,Expectations,How did it get to this." 2 and 3 sets are the norm for us. songs have a tendency to change and evolve over time and within a performance. we have on occasion done covers. covered artists include (Alice Cooper, Tin Machine, Sinatra)