Willpowerless is an incredibly catchy hard rock outfit formed in Philadelphia, PA. Over the past several years willpowerless has dedicated their lives to writing new music and touring the country relentlessly. Find out what the buzz is all about. Don't over look this band!



Influenced by the likes of the Deftones, Incubus, and 311 the sound of willpowerless ranges from heavy and melodic to an unmistakably dirty groove. With lyrics embracing the space between musical genres its makes it easy for many to enjoy.

The breakthrough group is comprised of five very different musicians including bassist Jordan Panfil and guitarist Craig Steel. At the core of the group, they listen to each other and play together instead of against each other, adding focus and completion to the overall sound of the band. Anchoring the group is drummer Kyle Mastropietro, who grooves with beats including hip hop, fusion, jazz, and metal. Vocalist Ryan Panfil offers a crisp and smooth sound, wavering confidently between punk intensity, memorable pop affection, and a grounded maturity which propels the band forward.

With initially digestible lyrics, fans can take in the music and reflect later on the meaning of the words. Track titles such as Homesick and Organic Mechanic demonstrate the group's ability to be up front with the playfulness of language and sound, while Clouds Closer and Coastlines & Us represent the strong feelings of the lyricist.

This is a group with a history; the three founding members of the band have been writing music since 2001. They take themselves seriously in a professional sense, perfectly aware of the sacrifices necessary to accomplish their goals, while never losing sight of the fact that they are on a successful path.

As a rule, the band is ready to tackle the impossible, truly believing they can accomplish what their album title suggests: Set the Sun.


Painting the Speakers Green - December 22, 2006

Set the Sun - October 8, 2008

Waiting on the Winter EP - July 1, 2009

Set List

Typically sets are 30-35 minutes. As rule we never want to overstay our welcome and at the same time always leave the listener wanting more.

Easy stage plot - one vocal. We run backing tracks through a mixer on stage. Prefer to run through a DI box.