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The best kept secret in music


"Chrisian music reviews section"

written by Leslie Averitt

The vision behind their music is to express man's longing for God amidst the setbacks and trials common to all mankind. It is also to express God's heart which yearns for an intimate relationship with His creation.

They are currently playing at Francesco's Cafe' (beside Apple Annie's Bakery) in Wilmington...and Folk's Cafe at 4035 Market St. across from the Sonic Drive-in). www.myspace.com/willrevo for more dates and locations. - the Good Life - August 2007

"Christian artist finds inspiration in quiet Carolina life"

written by Jonathan Reed

Tucked away off Sound Road in Holly Ridge, Will and Cathy Stafford live in a house quaintly labeled as "Will's Farm". Inside, two Bibles rest on the coffee table not far from Will's acoustic guitar.

Tall with wispy dark blonde hair, soft blue eyes and a gentle demeanor, Will's farm boy looks belie a well-spoken and passionate individual. His greatest passion is for Christianity, and he recently transformed an idea long mulled over into a reality when he finished his first(professional) studio record under the name Will Revo.

The Stafford's moved to Holly Ridge three years ago after a decade in Idaho, and today they live a secluded life, mostly by design. He said they don't even attend church services in the area.

"We prefer it that way, because we really belong to the Church as a whole", he said. "I'm just a Christian."

This was not always the case for this self-styled rebel Christian. At age 19, Will said he had a personal encounter with Jesus "when I asked for forgiveness for all the stuff that had piled up." What followed was a maelstrom of involvement in church activities. He became a licensed minister, began to play his guitar in earnest as part of a Worship Team and got caught up in "wanting success in the ministry, whatever that means."

He met his wife, they had a son and both were active in the church. (Cathy is a musician herself, and her drum set sits proudly at the top of the stairs in their home.) But eventually , he said, they felt the pull to head elsewhere.

They had good jobs, "but we felt God wanted us to move here," he said. They sold most of their belongings and moved to Holly Ridge, where they built the house that is now for sale.

Though he had written dozens of songs over the years, he said that the material that came to him after the move held more meaning to him.

"North Carolina has been a real place of... contemplation as far as our purpose and our relationship with God," Stafford said.

Stafford took a job working in construction, but a couple of months ago, he said health problems left him unable to work. A mission trip to Guatemala not long afterwward forced him to finally stop thinking about recording, and actually do it. The children there couldn't afford CDs, Stafford said; they were a luxury.

With songs "burning in his heart," he ventured to Matrix Studios in Sneads Ferry and laid down the 12 tracks that became "Travel the Cave." With mostly acoustic guitar and some hand drums here and there, the songs are stripped down, heartfelt songs of love for God. The name of the album was inspired by a vision his wife Cathy had, and which he later said he finished in a vision of his own - the common theme was growing closer to God.

"We're going after the heart of God. That's really our pursuit in this project - and in our lives," he said. "We are rebelling against the outward things people focus on."

With an admitted disdain for self-promotion, Stafford said he is hardly comfortable even selling his album - though he added that selling it here will fund his dream of distributing them for free in places like Guatemala. He is also noted that he does not want to be labeled as "churchy," and that labels "are an enemy to keeping people from receiving what they are meant to."

"The message you relate through music is more than entertainment. It's meant to be a tool to connect your spirit to God's spirit," he said. "Anyone who is a seeker of God is welcome to come."

- Topsail Advertiser - Feb. 15, 2007


1. Will Revo (2003)
2. Travel the Cave (2006)
3. Come Home (coming soon)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Will and his wife Cathy have played together for years with varying other musicians in venues like coffee shops, resteraunts, outdoor events, youth rallies, street mission houses, prisons, and even in other countries. Right now they are experiencing a surprising momentum with their new songs and the recent addition of Lisa Delo whose vocal harmonies are a perfect fit.

The group sings Will Revo's original songs from the CD "Travel the Cave" as well a group of more recent songs which will soon be released on the CD project "Come Home".

The music sounds vary from song to song. You have a country ballad type, a Bob Dylan style lyrically challenging type, a soothing soul searching melody type, and even a tribal native chanting type, but all of which carry the individual sound of the groups expression.

The lyrics are an important part of Will Revo's music revealing the driving force behind it all. Each song is an expression of Will's journey towards spiritual truth and inner stability. This journey has been one in which Will found himself straying farther from man's traditional religious hypocracies, idolotries, and distractions while being drawn closer into an intimate relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ.

Will Revo hopes to share his music with as many as will listen. The group believes their music and message are for every person regardless of where they're at or what they believe. They hope that listeners will be encouraged, challenged, stimulated, provoked, and most importantly, feel a greater dimension of healing love that only God can touch their heart's with.