Will Rogers Outfit

Will Rogers Outfit


Roots rock, Americana, and Old School country.


This band combines a new music sound with past influences which range from Merle Haggard to the Replacements. Great guitar hooks and hard driving rhythms combined with Will Rogers' wide range of vocal capabilities prove that this band is unstoppable.
With a considerable track record, the band has performed in many of Atlanta's premier music clubs as well as clubs in the mid- Atlantic and Southeastern region.
Influences include Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Minutemen, Replacements, Social Distortion, Whiskey Town Wilco, and it rocks on like that.
Strong, distinctive vocals, tight arrangements, and catchy, well-crafted songwriting.


Saint Vitus Dance Live 45
Will Rogers and the Coyote Rangers. 45rpm.
Will Rogers 'Burn Baby Burn' LP. CD.
The WillBuddies, CD.
Will Rogers Outfit Self Titled CD.
Long-Play CD
Currently being recorded-11/17/07 release date.

Set List

1. Highway 301
2. Good Lord By My Side
3. Never Again
4. Go To Hell Rock Band
5. Back To the Bottle(But I'm Not Going Back to You)
6. Around the Corner
7. Walking Home from War
8. If I Wouldn't Get Drunk
9. Long Haul
10. Prison Bars
11. Take Me On Down