Will Samson

Will Samson

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Somewhere in between Justin Vernon’s ethereal falsetto and Peter Broderick’s characteristic charm, Samson’s vocals hover above the instrumentation like the morning mist gently caressing a meandering stream.


Will Samson was born in England, raised in Australia, currently residing in Berlin, Germany. His grandmother was born in Chile (to a Jewish mother) and grandfather was born in India (to an Italian father) which describes his multi-national background and an evoking desire to search for his identity. At the age of 19, he takes a long journey through the parts of Asia and the Himalayas. Trekking and watching the sunrise from behind the holy mountain... all those experiences has inspired him heavily to return to England and start his music career. "Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends" is his breathtaking debut album full of these beautiful and desolate moments, just as life can be described as a travel. Over the myriads of haunting and echoing guitar and piano sounds, he whispers and sings wistfully as if singing from high above the clouds leaving us not with desperation but with a perfect peaceful impression.


Balance (2012 - Karaoke Kalk)
Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends (2011 - Shellshock Records)
Never Give Up (2010)
Warm Winter Glow (2009)
Happiness EP (2008)