Willson & McKee

Willson & McKee


For audiences who think Celtic is better without Rock and fake accents, and contemporary should leave the pshchiatry at home, Willson & McKee are a fresh approach to both! High energy award-winning instrumentals, powerful award-winning vocals, draw audiences in with personality and fun.


Starting from humble coffeehouse origins in 1990, Willson & McKEe have been touring professionally ever since, and are equally at home on the big stage as well as the intimate house concert, festivals and everything inbetween. They are a unique blend of vocal and instrumental power presented with grace and humor. If you are looking for something beyond the singer songwhiner or overly traditional type folk performances check out Willson & McKee. Extensive bio's on our web site: www.jigheads.com


Wizened Warrior

Written By: Kim McKee

A thousand silver swords
Glint upon the water
And the warrior knows a battle looms ahead
And bristled on his neck
Are the hairs that rise to tell him
There's a thin frayed line between his life and death

The wingtips of the soaring hawk
Flash shadows on the weary
And all the battles ever fought
Are aching in his bones
Somewhere along his journey
Youth's passion has gone bleary
And the wizened warrior
Turns away

The memory of enemies
Creep into his dreaming
And the visions of his battlefields
Are never far from sight
The beads of sweat
The blinking lash
The cold stare of the desparate
Foul breath upon his face
Makes him restless in the night


He's fought with blinded bravery
But this fight will be different
Nothing has prepared him
For the thing that he must do
The enemy before him now
Knows no fear or danger
And his soul will not release him
Till there's nothing left to loose


If he could tell the young man
Of the stench and of the horrors
If he could only find the words
The young heart to persuade
He'd say the greatest battle
Will come when life is dimming
And you finally find the strength
To turn yourself away

Night Hymn

Written By: Kim Mckee

Night Hymn
Kim A McKee ©
I am standing, in black beauty
A silent awe is born
Whispered eons for my cradle
Until the blush of morn
I am standing, in black beauty
Beneath a shimmering sky
No clouds to shroud the heavens
From raptured soaring eyes
I am standing in black beauty
The known world disappears
My breath the only trace of
My tiny presence here
I am standing in black beauty
I have become the night
My rigid form can shelter
And rest from bitter light
I am standing, in black beauty
Released from earthly care
Whispered eons for my cradle
In starry reverent prayer
I am standing, in black beauty

One Lone Rowan Tree

Written By: Kim McKee

One Lone Rowan Tree

Kim A McKee©
One lone Rowan tree
Marking the tinker’s sleep
Within the valley low
No more will he wander the hills so free
But these roots can't hold his soul
Oh the gates were barred
To the hallowed yard
And they would not let him in
Oh dear Rowan tree
Unkept and free
You and the wind will be his home
One lone Rowan tree
Piercing the lovers grave
Of a bitter death does tell
How her passion burned
Till the priest did learn
And condemned her soul to hell
Oh the gates were barred
To the hallowed yard
And they would not let her in
Oh dear Rowan tree
With your dancing leaves
You and the wind will be her home
One lone Rowan tree
Over my baby’s head
To keep her safe from harm
With its branches spread
Shelt’ring her tiny head
It will hold her as my arms
For the gates were barred
To the hallowed yard
And they would not let her in
So dear Rowan tree
Let my baby see
You and the wind will be her home
There are no names in stone
But these sleep not alone
With our tears this ground is blessed
Oh dear Rowan tree
Keeper of memories
You and the wind will be their home
You and the wind will by my home


Taking Sides, 1992
Farther Down the Road, 1993
The Pattern, 1996
Strung tight and Played Loose, 1998
Passed by Here,2000
When the Notes Dance, 2002
One Lone Rowan Tree, 2004
This Thin Place, 2006

The last two recorings have award-winning songs from the Milwaukee Irish Festival's "New Irish Song International Song Competition". All recordings have great reviews from Dirty Linene Magazine, upon request, or on our website:

Set List

8-9 songs per 45 min set. Half traditional, half original material. Lots of variation with instruments and vocals. Repertoire varies with venue needs, can be completely original material, or all traditional with a cultural focus, but some of each is our favorite! No Irish bar music. We also have great educational programming available: