Will Stroet

Will Stroet

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Children's musician Will Stroet performs original, high-energy and interactive music in English and French. He imparts positive messages about active living and the environment through upbeat and memorable songs. Since 2006, Will's performed more than 550 shows to thousands of enthusiastic children.


Will Stroet, an award-winning bilingual children's musician, connects with kids through high-energy, interactive and educational music in English and French. From folk to rock to pop inspired tunes about active living, sports, animals and the environment, Will’s guitar-driven music appeals to kids of all ages.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Will has performed his highly entertaining show to enthusiastic young audiences at hundreds of major festivals, schools and libraries across Canada. Notable performances include the Vancouver, Surrey, Canmore, Whistler and Okanagan Children’s Festivals; the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics; The Pacific National Exhibition; MusicFest Vancouver and Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife.

Will first discovered his talent for writing kids’ songs while completing his bachelor of education at the University of British Columbia in 2004. He recorded his first CD, “Let’s All Dance,” in the fall of 2005. What began as an experiment quickly turned into a success. After selling his first 1,000 copies, receiving great reviews, and performing to enthusiastic audiences, Will knew he had found his calling.

In 2007, Will recorded “Will et sa maman: Chantons et dansons” with his mother, a highly-regarded kindergarten teacher. A popular teaching aid, this CD is widely used by French immersion and core French teachers . In 2009, Will took a leave from teaching French immersion music in Vancouver to pursue his music full time.

The Western Canadian Music Awards nominated Will’s latest French CD, “Dans mon jardin,” for “Best Francophone Recording of 2010,” following a 2009 nomination for “Best Children’s Recording” for the English version, “My Backyard.”

In November 2010, Will released his fifth CD, "Walk 'n' Roll," which won a 2011 Kids Music Award and a Westcoast Songwriting Award. It has also been nominated for a 2011 Western Canadian Music Award and and a 2011 Canadian Folk Music Award It also included a song that was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. The album includes includes road safety songs that the Insurance Corporation of B.C. commissioned for their school curriculum available for teachers.

Will's song, "Le boogie à vélo" is also featured on Putumayo’s new compilation, “Kids World Party,” which was released last June.

Will also regularly leads music workshops for teachers on how to use music as an effective language-learning tool. He is part of BC’s ArtStarts in Schools roster.

Awards & Recognition:
2011 Canadian Folk MUsic Award nominee - "Walk 'n' Roll"
2011 Western Canadian Music Award nominee - "Walk 'n' Roll"
2011 Westcoast Songwriting Award winner - "Oh my, my, Hippopotami
2011 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist for "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover"
2011 Creative Child Magazine - Preferred Choice winner - "Walk 'n' Roll"
2011 Kids Music Award - "Walk 'n' Roll"
2010 Western Canadian Music Award nominee - "Dans mon jardin"
2009 Western Canadian Music Award nominee- "My Backyard"


Hockey's Just Really Cool

Written By: Will Stroet

My friends and I, we’ve got a hockey team
We play every day after school
Our fans are hard to find
But we don’t really mind
‘Cause to us hockey’s just really cool

Our buddy Paul, he is really tall
We’ve renamed him the “Wall”
He plays back on D and kills most penalties
And wears great big pads on his knees.


Check out Claire, she’s our star player
She once scored 6 goals in a day
Even if we lose, she doesn’t want to hear the boos
Cause she’s a good sport either way


My friend Chuck, he likes to pass the puck
And Janet, she can sure hit the net
But most important don’t forget Ravinder
Cause he’s our best goaltender


Full of Beans

Written By: Will Stroet

1, 2, 3 Broccoli
4, 5, 6 Carrot Sticks
7, 8, 9 Tomato from the vine
10, 11, 12 We’re eating well
Into the teens we’re full of beans
My baby Ella, she’s full of beans
My mom and dad they’re full of beans
My little sister, full of beans

This a jam, with our yams
Let’s keep the beat, with your beets
It’s a real swinging number with a cucumber
You and me and celery
And all our buds, are eating spuds
Now it’s time to let us eat our lettuce

1, 2, 3 Broccoli
4, 5, 6 Carrot Sticks
7, 8, 9 Tomato from the vine
10, 11, 12 We’re eating well
Into the teens we’re full of beans
My Kimmy, she’s full of beans
The Backyard Band they’re full of beans
Doug and Lisa, they’re full of beans

Be a good boy, eat your bok choy
Then your little sis will eat her spinach
And all of us will eat our asparagus
Those yummy little sprouts, will make you sprout
And cauliflower will give you power
Don’t forget your eggplants will make you dance

1, 2, 3 Broccoli
4, 5, 6 Carrot Sticks
7, 8, 9 Tomato from the vine
10, 11, 12 We’re eating well
Into the teens we’re full of beans
My Uncle Tim, he’s full of beans
My buddy Mario, full of beans
Bobs and Lolo, they’re full of beans
Rick and Janis, full of beans
Newell and Keeley, full of beans
Scott and Kiara, they’re full of beans
Marc and Megan, full of beans
Stephan and Laura, full of beans
Little Mila, she’s full of beans
Mike and Nat, they’re full of beans
Ashley and Jordan, full of beans
Little buddy Coen, he’s full of beans
Josh and Christine, full of beans
Ross and Isha, they’re full of beans
Joy and Olivia, full of beans
Jim and Adrienne, full of beans
Aunty Janey, she’s full of beans
Caro and Gary, they’re full of beans
Fran and Zöe, full of beans

Oh my my, Hippopotami

Written By: Will Stroet

Well Harry is a Hippo
He’s not hairy but he’s hip, yo!
He hangs out in the lake
Likes to dance, likes to shake, make an earthquake
Well his real name is Harold
And he’s shaped just like a barrel
He may be a hippopotamus
But he’s just like the rest of us

Have you heard
There’s a whole herd
Oh, my, my
Look at the hippopotami

Hazel the hippo’s a joker
But her jokes are pretty mediocre
She thinks she is hilarious
And she’s by far the most gregarious
She weighs at least two tons
And she’s always tons of fun
She may be a hippopotamus
But she’s just like the rest of us


Let’s hop like a hippopotamus
Let’s dance like a hippopotamus
Let’s yawn like a hippopotamus
Cause they’re just like the rest of us


The third in the herd is Henry
He’s a hippo, but he’s less friendly
Keeps to himself from dusk to dawn
When he opens his mouth it’s just to yawn
I think deep down he’s just the kind of guy
Who’s really just a little shy
He may be a hippopotamus
But he’s just like the rest of us


Hygiene and Eugene

Written By: Will Stroet

There are two kids on the scene
Who always keep themselves real clean
One of them is named Eugene
And the other is his sister Jean

Wash your face and ears…Eugene
Floss and brush your teeth... Eugene
Scrub your hands they’re dirty…Eugene
Don’t stop until you count to thirty…Hygiene!

Let’s start with my friend Eugene
I find that he is really keen
To make sure that he’s always clean
He’s my friend with the best hygiene


Next we have his sister Jean
She’s pretty cute, and she wears high jeans
When I see her I say “Hi Jean”
“My you have really good hygiene”

Wash your face and ears...Yeah Jean
Floss and brush your teeth...Yeah Jean
Scrub your hands they’re dirty...Yeah Jean
Don’t stop until you count to thirty…Hygiene!

Make Friends with an Earthworm

Written By: Will Stroet

There is an earthworm living in my compost
In fact he’s only one of quite a few
He and his buddies eat up some of our garbage
Then we can use it to grow something new

So if you meet an earthworm today
Be happy and don’t be afraid
‘Cause earthworms are an important part of our world
So make friends with an earthworm today

There is a spider living in my basement
A beautiful web she has spun
Sometimes I watch her catch a fly in it
Later she’ll eat the prize that she has won

Chorus (spider)

There is a bee that visits my mom’s flowers
He pollinates them and helps them to thrive
But that’s not all he also makes something sweet
It’s honey that he’ll share from his hive

Chorus (honeybee)

So if you meet someone who’s scared of these critters
Maybe you can help them understand
They help to make our world a better place
They all help to enrich the land

Chorus (earthworm)

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Written By: Will Stroet

A new neighbour just moved in
He’s got a different shade to his skin
He’s got a brother, I think it’s his twin
I wonder if we can find anything in common

Our friends are not the same as each other
Our skins may even be different colours
But we’ve got to learn to love one another
So don’t judge a book by its cover

He pulled up in a great big truck
In a cloud of smoke and a big pile of muck
I would rather ride my bike
But, I guess not everyone is all alike


Now think of your favourite book
Is it great because of how it looks?
I think that we’d all agree
It’s your favourite because it’s a great story



"Let's All Dance" (2005)
"Will et sa maman - Chantons et dansons" (2007)
"My Backyard" (2008)
"Dans mon jardin" (2009)
"Kids World Party" - Putumayo Music Release (June 2011)
"Walk 'n' Roll" (2010)

Set List

All songs are original compositions by Will Stroet and are from all five albums. His performances are between 45 minutes to an hour.

Typical set list:

1. Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover
2. Let’s All Dance
3. Bike Safety Boogie
4. Walk ‘n’ Roll
5. Boost Me Up
6. Hygiene and Eugene
7. Reading Revival
8. En haut, en bas
9. Jam
10. Kick It!
11. Oh My, My, Hippopotami
12. Hockey's Just Really Cool
13. Hoppin’ Up and Down