Will  The Thrill

Will The Thrill


I'm passionate about music/songwriting and entertaining. Give me a guitar or fiddle and I'm off and running. Actors? Sure, let's do some theater. Music AND Theater? I'm IN! Always a great collaborator on projects with vision and room for creative expression.


In the 5th grade, I wanted to play the violin. The music director said: "The fiddles are for the little kids, you're the biggest kid in the class, you should be playing a double bass, cello or a tuba, something you can wrestle home on the bus." That's when I picked up the guitar (support music programs in the public school system). I'm passionate about the fiddle and it's my instrument of choice. Currently living in Watsontown, Pa. Education: BA in Sociology, Juris Doctorate in Law but prefer the entertainment business.

Made a living in NYC as a musician and Broadway/Off-Broadway lighting designer. Credits on Broadway and the Kennedy Center. Worked in Theater, TV, Opera, and the music scene. Love it all, especially when we do multi-media. A musical show with sound effects, special lighting effects and projections? Count me in. Working on a project like that right now. Will "The Thrill's" GOTHIC, and PYRATES, SCOUNDRELS and ROGUES, (a family show). (influenced by my experiences playing fiddle at the Penn Renn Faire... see pics).

Love to M.C. Hosted my own Variety show in Lewisburg, PA! Developed a portable lighting rig with 16 dimmers, a programmable dimmer control board that can run anywhere on less than 20 amps. It IS a performance space for music, theater and dance. (See the pics).


Will "The Thrill"

Written By: Same

Lyrics coming.


My CD is called: Will "The Thrill"--and it is composed of 11 original songs. The Songs weave exciting yarns about outlaws, love and high adventure. A work of Sole Authorship. Based on true events drawn from my colorful past and influenced by the people and landscapes of the PA, Susquehanna River Valley. The emotional spectrum of this CD ranges from humorous to heart wrenching, from casual to important. A good time for everyone!! Available for $15. Contact me by email: kaldark@sunlink.net.

CD includes:

"Fire in the Well" (a song about "passion" and how it can affect many areas of living).

"Cut and Run" (Humorous true-life acount of a willful, hapless misfit and his adventures avoiding aggression, violence and trauma)!!!

"Lover's Lane" (the age of innocence when teenagers meet at a grange dance).

"Trail of Tears" (guitar, bass and recorder... influenced by the Native American migration to the Oklahoma Territories).

"Cold and Stoney Heart" (a ballad and love song from a jaded point of view)

"Ballyhoo" (fun-loving and innocent advice warning about people problems)

"Don't Lose Your Nerve" (political satire about corruption and in-humanity with references to Waco, Wounded Knee, Kent State).

"Coming of Lugh" (guitar, bass and recorder... traditional pagan instrumental of the summer harvest).

"Gamblin' Man" (moralistic tale of a weak man plagued by alcoholism, violence and the sadness he leaves in his wake... powerful).

"Susquehanna" (easy-going introspective slice-of-life touching on religion, marriage and philosophy)

"Will 'The Thrill's' Blues" (rollicking story about eluding the law, high speed chase and subsequent arrest and a jail break with sound effects on the fiddle)!!!

Sally Gooden and Me (a romp about getting around a dis-approving family to marry the girl you love).
Predator Nation ( title speaks for itself)
Gypsy Band (Modal Celtic dream scape)

Set List

A typical performance by Will "The Thrill" consists of 3 45 minute to 60 minute sets. The sets consist of original material along with fiddle tunes, flat top guitar pickin', harmonica tunes traditional and popular material. Genera can range from Bluegrass/Country to Celtic and Jazz.

I can perform solo or as a singles act with backup tracks on laptop or with a variety of different band combinations. Need Country Western? I'll bring "The Midlife Cowboys."