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Will Weckel

San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Review: Will Weckel- Be Like You"

Another Review from MMAPP /Australia!
..> MMAPP Band management

Date:01 Jun 2007, 22:34

Body:Hey there Will....
ive been so busy...I meant to write you yesterday. Your CD arrived here very fast indeed, ive had it here for 3 days now and have listened to it about four times..It arrived on Thursday....Its Saturday 3pm now as I type this.

I like it.....very honest music and the energy I get from it tells me as a listener of your own past, love and loss and maybe the struggle to keep something together...correct me if im wrong....but that is the honest vibe I get from your lyrics and subtle, beautiful music style. Your story comes through loud and very clear indeed.

I love your music, as the tracks skip through I like each track more and more and absoluely adore the very last track...that is such a beautiful song. - Sarah Pearce...MMAPP Band Management Hampton Park ,Australia

"Review: Will Weckel- Be Like You"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

If you read through Will Weckel’s bio, you’ll understand quickly that he’s an artist with a lot of baggage, and he wears it on his sleeve. The San Diego-based singer/songwriter/surfer recounts an entire history of dashed expectations in word-bytes without ever actually telling you much about himself. We can divine that Weckel is a big Beatles fan, both from his songs and his statements. We know he’s originally from the Midwest and that he lost his mom at the age of five. Beyond that, facts are scarce. Weckel’s debut album, Be Like You, speaks to loneliness in documenting the end of a relationship. Weckel turns the corner towards living again at the end, but it makes you wonder at times along the way.

Weckel opens with More Than Anything, a straightforward Rock ballad with Oasis-does-the-Beatles charm. The arrangement and instrumentation are fairly simple, blending an Americana-Rock style that's derivative but borders on original. To My Heart comes off a bit whiny but has a solid melody and decent arrangement beneath it. Open Your Eyes is a tough listen, whereas Change is decent but a bit on the bland side. One Mans Dream is truly a decent tune. You'll note as you listen to Be Like You that Weckel finds moments where he channels Paul McCartney/Noel Gallagher vocally. One Mans Dream is one of those moments, and the energy in the song is subtle but believable.

Alyssa is heartfelt but fumbling in an awkward, lovelorn sort of fashion. Listeners will find this either charming or annoying based on their own predilections; I found it leaning slightly toward the latter but not awfully so. Weckel has another fine turn on You And I, a truly Beatles-esque tune with a garage feel and a catchy chorus. Some Other Guy is another shining moment; perhaps the best songwriting on the disc. There is a true Beatles vibe here that's irrepressible. I would suggest you might slip this tune into rotation on an oldies station and the song would fit in without a hitch. Be Like You closes out with the appropriately named It's Over Now, a melancholy tune that lets go of old grievances and tries to move on. The vocal harmonies here highlight the song perfectly. This is a great tune to sing; not overly catchy and not overly morose, but a real emotive moment with a strong melody that will hold listeners' attentions.

Be Like You is an interesting study, following a relationship essentially from beginning to end, including the painful letting go. It's hit or miss, with some very well written songs and some that just don't quite qualify for that designation. Weckel sounds like he might be coming somewhat into his own as a songwriter, crafting melodies and arrangements that are simple but lasting. There is a strong Beatles/Oasis influence here, from songwriting style to occasional flashes in Weckel's voice, but overall the album is highly enjoyable. Will Weckel is young and has some definite growing to do as a writer and performer, but he has a solid base to start from. It will be fun to see the process unfold.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Will Weckel at www.myspace.com/will4sale. Be Like You is available as either a CD or download from CDBaby.com.
Posted by Wildy at 5:10 AM - Wildys World Review

"(Newsletter) Press Release for Will Weckel"

Friday, July 8, 2011 4:21 PM

-For Immediate Release-

On July 17th Will Weckel will be on the VM Underground Show at 8:30 Pacific Standard time.

Will Weckel creator of Be Like You will be conducting a live interview on the popular VM Underground show on July 17th 2011 at 8:30pm Pacific Standard time. Please tune in at www.vmundergroundshow.com and listen in.

Will Weckel is part of the Independent Music Awards which can be found at

Be Like You has very well written songs. Will Weckel’s music is very crafty with melodies and arrangements that are simply amazing. There is a definite influence of Oasis and Beatles in his sounds which makes his songs enjoyable to listen to.

Be like you can be downloaded at
Or you can pick up a physical copy at CD Baby


Please follow this link for Will Weckels Press Release page on Dream Media Entperprises.

This release is also being sent to the UK and Australia press outlets.

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"Review In Melbourne Australia"

Friday, May 18, 2007
Cd review www.myspace.com/raisedonrockcdreview
CD REVIEW -Be Like You-Will Weckel
Current mood: content
"Be Like You" by Will Weckel.
A very pleasant cd, that you'll have a hard time getting out of your cd player. Not a throwaway song in the bunch!!! This cd has a number of songs that stay with you (singing in the shower, humming in the car) and consists of good basic playing and 60's-ish vocals (anything thats any good has it's roots in the 50's and or 60's). Don't take my word for it, go to the cdbaby link below and have a listen. - Raised on Rock cd Review..Melbourne,Australia


Be Like You
words and music by W.H. Weckel c 2006
1. More Than Anything
2. To My heart
3. Open Your Eyes
4. Change
5. One Mans Dream
6. Be Like You
7. Alyssa
8. You and I
9. Left Behind
10. Some Other Guy
11.Its Over Now

free streaming also at reverbnation.com..



What could I say that has not been said.
What sets this artist apart from others?
The style of my writing and the sound I pursue?
Quite frankly I know of no other outlet than to just be myself.
I grew up listening to Britsh Pop/Rock/Punk so this is what I naturally gravitate towards, influneced by Beatles, Who, Clash
I dont fit the norm so I would say that is what sets me apart from others.

Here is a glimpse into my life and soul

True love can not be found where it truly does not exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does

My birth name is
Prince William em ok...sorry, :0)
William Howard Weckel named fittingly after Mums Father, William Stone and Dads Father, Howard Weckel.
I am honoured to carry the names.
What is most troubling to most is I have been different from the onset of my life.
It is good to be different, I prefer it.
I am an Anglo/Irish chap with German lineage for good measure.
Was born in the Midwest.
I utilise a Brit accent because you will recall I stated I am different, you can laugh, but yes I do enunciate this way purposely, moreover it is my ancestory and I am proud of it.
It is an image of my soul, and lucid is this mans heart.
unusually expressive tho as you will find, I solely in my blood line of relatives living in America am the only peep that does so , the way I pronounce ,VERBALISE, are you reading? :0)
I am explaining to aid in any future queries, SO DONT ASK.....kidding, ok.
This is me, accept me for who I am and I will be a precious friend to you .
I suffered great loss personally of which could have damaged me , I speak of my bent. I was scarred but we all have them, all of us in varying degree have experienced overwhelming events, it is why we need each other.
This is life.
Walk with me.
Spend time with me and you may fall in love...you may also fall of your chair as I do so love a wee bit of humour.
I am a Postman by trade but my heart is music and if you too love music as I do , well, come sing with this melodious songster.
All queries MUST be sent to me in triplicate as I will most assuredly lose two.
Love often but forgive more as you will never fail to have a friend.
Welcome to my heart .