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While others sleep

Written By: Willy Catt

An old man with worn hands
Shows history there for all to see
While a young man with strong hands
Looks on nervously.

Come here, he said, don’t you fear
What your eyes and mind perceived
I’ve lived long and I've loved strong
And here’s what I’ve have seen

Some must keep watch while others sleep
Lift up your soul and see
Don’t trade your fool for your sage
And in the end be brave

Well old friend tell me to what end
Is it that we in the end will all see
What can I do, how can I prepare
To square off with time

In my day you know they used to say
that it’s life not death
that takes precedence
To live long you've got to love strong
And then you'll see that


Love is patient, love is kind
love is longing for a lover
who can spend a life time
Of giving, sharing working together
living long and loving strong
by any kind of measure

Love's like a fever hot and cold
It's a mystery whose history
continues to unfold
Does not rejoice in unrighteousness
but celebrates and stimulates
eternal soulfulness

It's all relative can't you see?
that you and I were always meant to be
There is no end, no prophesy
It's just you and me for eternity

The star above shone in the old man’s eyes
And it was then that the young man realized
Who you are is how love, and then you’ll see