wilma stewart

wilma stewart


My main goal with my music is to touch someone's heart and introduce them to my Lord & Savior. And hope that something I sing will bring someone closer to God.


I have loved gospel music since I was old enough to sing it.. I have a passion for gospel music and want to minister to people about God and what he can do in our lives and if I can do that when singing then Iam a more than willing participant for god. My influences include The Freeman's and Heirline


I do not currently have any radio airplay or publicity. I am trying to get my music heard. I currently have a small in home studio that I work in and I feel god is speaking to me to take it to the next level. I however do have demo music available.

Set List

I sing mostly Freeman and Heirline covers and my sets could last as long as they needed to to get God's message across