Wil Seabrook

Wil Seabrook

 Los Angeles, California, USA

How many acoustic singer/songwriters can really hold your attention with their vocal delivery, stage presence, and songcraft? How many 3 piece bands can make you feel like you're in a stadium with 50,000 of your closest friends? Wil Seabrook, with or without his band, takes you somewhere special.


Wil Seabrook has lived a creative lifetime in his few years in the music business. An indie deal as a singer/songwriter led to extensive touring throughout the US and press tours of the UK, culminating in a major label deal for what had become the Wil Seabrook Band.

A year spent touring with world class groups from Dave Matthews Band and Vertical Horizon to Sister Hazel and Dishwalla ended with the release of the band's self-titled EP, with the first single charting at AAA and commercial radio and being featured on TV shows such as "Dawson's Creek." The band returned to their indie routine with their follow up CD, Inside, touring relentlessly and selling thousands of copies at live shows all over the country.

2005 ushered in a new era for Wil, going back to his musical roots as a solo artist, his craft and musical direction much improved with the wisdom of so many nights on the road. His indie-EP, New, is a testament to his willingness to take risks stylistically in his relentless search to capture on tape the music he has heard inside his head for as long as he can remember. "These songs are more simple, more direct, " says Wil. "I've spent so much of the last few years finding my own voice, musically and as a person. This music is the closest I've come to getting what's inside out for the world to hear. It's exciting and so alive for me. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Wil was also one of the 15 finalists vying to be the lead singer of Aussie rock band INXS on CBS' summer hit 'Rockstar:INXS'. "TV is an interesting alternate universe", says Wil of the experience. "I made some great friends and I still get emails from fans around the world as a result of the show."

With steady industry buzz about the new material, Wil recently signed a deal with Universal's hot new label, Mercy Records. Studio time is slated for spring 2007 with a full time touring schedule to follow. Talks are under way with an Australian label regarding distribution and an Australian tour.


The One Who Got Away

Written By: Wil Seabrook

You said I bet
This won’t last the summer here
I know you’ll forget
What’s it like to keep me near

one dozen summers
have come and have gone
still I can taste your sweetness
one dozen years I have
tried to move on
I can’t find the strength to leave this
as if it were yesterday
that you took my breath from me
you were the one who got away

You thought we fought
I thought you understood
that the part of your heart
we fought for was what made it good

one dozen summers...

maybe I
was out of
my head but
I could see you
so clearly
you nearly
drove me to
lose my mind with
thoughts of what
we could be
if only
if only

one dozen summers...

Because I Said So

Written By: Wil Seabrook

I know I won't make it alone
Won't last for long on my own
I'm thinking maybe sometimes
That would be OK
But still I keep reaching out
Through all the fear and the doubt
Keep hoping maybe this time
That today's the day

Then all at once
Doubt starts to fade
And all I'm left with
Are all the games I've played

When will I say today's the day
I finally made it just the way I played it
When will I know, when will it show
When will it happen
Just because I said so

I know I can't leave it at this
good bye in such a wonderful kiss
I'm thinking maybe next time
I'll just find a way
To make all my promises kept
Won't drown in wells of regret
Stop feeling that this lifeline
Will just fade away

Then all at once...

When will I say...

Eyes Open Again

Written By: Wil Seabrook

I know there are days
When all of your hope appears
When the light that you're shining out
Is as bright as it's been in years
you are unbreakable
you are unshakable

and then there are days
When light just disappears
When the wall you've been breaking through
Ends up just breaking you
You are made smaller then
You are made less again

With the whole world
In your mind's eye
You might lose it
Then you realize

All of a sudden you make it OK
All of a sudden you're calm again
All of a sudden you know that
somehow you'll make it
Out from that place you don't want to go
Out from that room with no windows, no soul
Out from the darkness, eyes open
eyes open again

You feel like some days
You might just become your fears
When the world you've been painting up
Might just dissolve with tears
And all you've been trying to
Reach ends up losing you


self titled indie debut "Wil Seabrook" with first single "You Do What You Have To" receiving AAA radio play nationwide as well as being "Song of the Week" on BBC Radio 2 in the UK.

Maverick/WB EP "The Wil Seabrook Band" with single "It's Your Life" receiving AAA radio play nationwide.

Self released CD "Inside" with single "Inside" receiving AAA radio and internet radio play.

self released EP "New" with single "Because I Said So" receiving AAA radio and internet radio play.

Set List

20 original, radio ready songs and, depending on the show requirements, select covers from favorite artists like Coldplay, Van Morrisson, Bill Withers, the Beatles and Maroon 5.