Wil Smith and the Continental Drift

Wil Smith and the Continental Drift


Dynamic and Intense Rock Music that borrows from the Who, Hendrix, Neil Young, and Zeppelin as well as Nirvana, King's X, and Sunny Day Real Estate.


WIL SMITH & THE CONTINENTAL DRIFT formed informally in Summer 2002 as Wil Smith and Mike Lapse in St. Louis. Our common appreciation of late 60's hard rock and Mid Nineties Alternative bands like Blind Melon, Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Foo Fighters inspired us to make music together. The songs are tools in making sense out of life, or getting stress and confusion out of your system, in a way that doesn't embarrass you in retrospect when you're done singing along. The goal is to write timeless songs that don't sound dated or retro. We want to take the best elements of the best rock music ever made, and personalize it to the point where you can't recognize the inspiration, but you can feel the power of the music immediately, and be moved in some fashion that inspires you. These are songs written with adult perspective, youthful energy, that anyone can appreciate. We cut to the quick, to get to the heart.


No official releases as of yet.

Set List

We play originals, though we have been known to work a cover every blue moon.