Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass
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Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass

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"Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass CD Review"

Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass.(Sound recording review)

Wilson Lake & the Rock Bass. 1 CD. 27: 48 min. Prod. by Wilson Lake & the Rock Bass. Dist. by CDBaby.com. 2006. $10.

Gr all levels--Wilson Lake, pseudonym for Ohio teacher Tom Jackson, wrote these 10 original songs to encourage families to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. With the Rock Bass Band (father-in-law Don Staczek, former drummer for Johnny and the Hurricanes, and fellow teacher Sandy Skala), this former member of the Ohio rock band Driftwood Whale based his tunes on his memories of trips to the family cabin in Michigan. These rock-style songs include "Welcome to My Cabin," "Fish Flippin' Fever" (with a driving beat reminiscent of the Rolling Stones or the Doors), "Kersplash," "Hey Toad," "Walking in the Woods," "Burnt Marshmallow Blues," "Rock Skippin'," "Dirt Bike Racer," "Light Up the Sky" (stars), and "Old News." An appealing selection for nature-loving kids.--Beverly Bider, San Antonio Public Library, TX

- School Library Journal

"Toledo Rocks - Blog CD and Concert Review"

What a great show! We heard most - if not all - of the songs from their self-titled CD, plus some new ones. We got coloring sheets for the kids. And stickers. My son got up and danced. And after the show I got to talk to Tom Jackson, the man behind Wilson Lake.

Tom is a teacher, a father, a musician and an outdoorsman - and these four roles really came together in his creation of Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass. This guy knows how to entertain and engage kids. He's young (young = about my age), funny, and laid-back. And he's developed a totally unique brand of children's music which he calls Adventure Rock. His songs are all about skipping rocks, camping, roasting marshmallows, and other outdoor activities. Even though my family's idea of camping is staying at a hotel without wireless access, I found the Adventure Rock angle very appealing and smart.

Wilson Lake is a fairly new venture for Tom, who is a veteran of the Toledo bar band scene. He and the Rock Bass have been playing together for less than a year, and they are just beginning to make a name for themselves in the area. But I think they're onto something.

"Welcome to My Cabin" opens both the CD and their live show. It's a catchy, happy tune that very nicely sets the pace for what's ahead. Other songs, like "Old News" and "Rock Skippin," do more to highlight Tom's song-writing and guitar-playing chops. Sandy Skala, who joins Tom on vocals (plus a little tambourine and kazoo here and there), balances beautifully with him, and stands out on the tongue-twisting "Fish Flippin' Fever." - The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You What to Think - Amy Davis


Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass
2005 Elaine Records
Track Listing:
1. Welcome to my Cabin
2. Fish Flippin' Fever
4. Hey Toad
5. Walking in the Woods
6. Burnt Marshmallow Blues
7. Rock Skippin'
8. Dirtbike Racer
9. Light up the Sky
10. Old News



Wilson Lake and the Rock Bass is rock-n-roll music in a landscape of woods and water, where kids and adults hike, fish, swim, and explore a world or wonder outside the walls of their houses, TV's, and video games. It's stories of adventures, memorable characters, and tributes to natures most heroic creatures, all to infectious rhythms of timeless rock-n-roll. It's music that resonates in one's soul while hiking down a remote trail or fishing on a calm inland lake. Campfires blaze while stories are told and marshmallows burn. It's Chuck Berry, Elvis, the Ramones and Dan Zanes on a fishing trip, when suddenly they begin to play...
Fish and turtles splash and groove in the water while squirrels, raccoons and toads begin to boogie as the music rumbles across the waves and into the woods that surround the lake.

For general information and booking, contact Tom Jackson by phone: 419-574-1365 or email:www.wilsonlake@buckeye-express.com