New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopEDM

my music is a mix of dance and rap music with a heavy mainstream influence but i manage to keep my music unique with very infectious melodies and a whole different swag and lyrical content that can captivate young and old with concepts that appeal to all walks of life thats it i hope you enjoy


hey im william wilson i was born on june 28 1989 i rap skate and design but when it come to rap im no joke i have been rapping since i was 6 but i been taking it seriously since 2003 the year after my father passed away but as of late i pushed skating aside to presue my dreams of rapping even thought my skating has landed me a spot on mtv my rapping has grown in popularity over the last few months gaining 5000 plays and my first shows selling out


My first mixtape was titled "All Or Nothing" it's first single is entitled "Grounded" , the 2nd single is called "Everywhere We Go" my second mixtape which is titled "Not Another Mixtape"

Set List

my typical set list consist of "Mr Wilson" (3.49)mins, "Everywhere We Go"(4.50)mins and i save "Grounded" (3.30) for last my set tend to be about 10-15 mins although i have done a 45 min set before i have more then enough material to cover any set given