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"Wilson Noble is the brightest new addition to the singer/songwriting world"

Scotland’s very own sunshine troubadour, Wilson Noble is the brightest new addition to the singer/songwriting world. Blending traditional folk, bluegrass, blues, acoustic rock and even hints of heavy metal Wilson’s unique sound also incorporates a modern and vibrant spirituality with a reflective and powerful musical message for times of chaos and confusion.Despite offering a distinctively fresh and contemporary style, his crafted guitar work presents the audience with a stripped down, organic connection to the world, and his outstanding vocal strength grips the attention of the listener and the heart of the believer. - Jack Black


3 studio albums & 1 live album independently released to date, they are:

who is (2004)
what is (2006)
where is (2006)
Live your truth (2008)

*you can find/download & listen to all of these albums & tracks at:





Wilson Noble is a 29 year old singer songwriter based in Edinburgh . He has been playing music now for over fourteen years, with his performing history spanning a range of genres including heavy-metal, grunge and folk. Over the last four years he has been touring and playing as a solo artist, playing acoustic, folk and roots music. However, he plays regularly with other musicians, and has extensive experience performing and recording with his own bands and playing for other groups. Wilson has recorded three albums to date in his solo career since 2004 and is currently planning to release a new one in the coming year, as well as touring the UK with a small band. Wilson’s music is not only a fresh blend of musical traditions, such as folk, rock, tribal and roots. It is also the product of Wilson ’s passions for philosophy, world spirituality and captures his own unique take on the human condition. His musical influences include the likes of Xavier Rudd, Mason Jennings, Bhagavaan Das, Bob Dylan, John Martyn, Paul Simon, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, Sepultura and The Doors. But there is no way to sum up Wilson ’s sound, which also takes great inspiration from Eastern music, Indian chanting and world music. On top of that, Wilson’s keen mind has absorbed ideas and creative energy from his interest in the teachings of Buddha, Osho, Jesus Christ, Ram Dass, Terrence Mckenna and many other spiritual writers and traditional philosophers. Wilson’s live performances are a powerful expression of his spirituality as well as embodying his adventurous taste for musical experimentation. He is as at home in reflective, intimate environments as he is playing as part of a full blown big band sound. He is content to play music, whether it is busking on city streets or playing large concert halls. Wilson has a natural ability to adapt to different audiences and respond to what they want to hear. No one gig is the same. He loves to make people dance or think, or both. A Wilson Noble gig is not only a good show for the listener but will give an audience something to think about. No one comes away empty handed. He has played with the likes of the Peat-Bog Faeries & Paddy Rasta at festivals & and has played music as part of an international tour of best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch. In Wilson ’s long career of touring and performing live, he has taken the stage at the likes of the Lemon Tree and the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen, the 13th note & Cathouse in Glasgow and Adrian Bolt Hall in Birmingham. He has also toured venues across the world, from Ireland to Australia , Thailand and Singapore . This Music exudes a consciousness of world affairs, spirituality and philosophy. At once full of joy and love of life, Wilson has an acute awareness of the times and his place in a changing world. His voice is unique, and his experienced guitar playing raises the spirit as well as entertaining audiences from all walks of life. Wilson regularly organises events & gigs in his hometown & is no stranger to the business side of the music world as he has been his own independent manager/promoter for the past 3 years. He currently co-hosts a monthly evening in Himalaya in Edinburgh & actively participates in the local music scene. Wilson is never far away from a musical adventure… Asked to characterise his music, he said: “Music is a journey. Normally when I put on a gig, or write a song or an album for that matter, it is a journey, it has a start, a middle an end. When I perform I always take into account the environment, the venue, the audience, and the energies there, and change freely. I see myself as just a medium for the music… really, I just do what I am told!”